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Thread: Crock Pot Users! Need help figuring out the SIZE to purchase!

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    I love my large oval one for small jobs and big ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KWM View Post
    Go BIG -- my large crock is oval-shaped and will also handle tough cuts of meat, like shoulder roasts. Keep an eye out for large pots that are sold with a small pot "bonus."
    That is what I had, DH dropped the liner first time out of the gate... ugghh. So he felt bad and got me another one. A few months later, I messed that one up. So now I am using my smaller one. I keep forgetting to order new liners.

    I made some yogurt in the smaller one the other day, and it was way too hot on warm. Killed my little guys. So I tried again, this time I put the crock liner on the warmer in the middle of my stove. Worked perfect
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynna View Post
    I had a six quart that wasn't quite big enough for making stock so I bought a 7 qt one. The new one is great for stocks and some stews so I kept the smaller one for when I didn't need so much room.
    This. I got a 7 qt oval one when I broke my 6 qt oval. I cook for a farmer husband, 2 teenagers, an 8 y/o and myself. If I want ANY leftovers, I fill it. My next kitchen gadget is gonna be a 8.5 qt electric pressure cooker (I can't wait!).

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    Excellent! Thanks everyone for sharing! I did not get a chance to read the replies before I went out and bought one - I went with a 7 quart oval crock, so I am delighted to hear it was a good decision Again, thank you so much!

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    Just wanted to tell y'all that slick deals is showing that Sears has an instore sale going on for a Hamilton Beach 4 quart slow cooker for $10.00. So, if you live near a Sears...

    Link: Hamilton Beach 4-Quart Oval Slow Cooker $10 + Free Store Pickup - Deals, Coupons and Promos

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