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Thread: What percentage of calories do you get from fat?

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    I'm neither low-fat/high-carb nor high-fat/low-carb. in general, I'm probably a little too high on protein compared to where I want to be, but probably something like 35P/40C/25F on workout days, and 35P/20C/45F on rest days

    Quote Originally Posted by PureFunctionalFitness View Post
    Protein should remain constant, cut the carbs and increase the fat if you want to play around with the weight loss sweet spot for you
    Generally this is the formula - keep calories and protein constant, and vary the ratio of carbs to fat. If you're not losing, it may also be a calories issue, and you may have to decrease your overall intake as well.

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    I don't track regularly, but when I do I fall naturally around 50-65% and sometimes if I try hard I can get it to around 80% but I never stay there very long. Two ways to get to 80%: eat fatty meats and add fat to everything or eat a lot of salad with fatty ingredients on top.
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    60-65% is my sweet spot, with the rest protein and less than 5% carbs.

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    On most days 60-70 percent fat, 15-20 percent protein and 5-10 percent carbs.

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    Nowadays it's probably closer to 15-20%, maybe less. More out of necessity than taste. Months of dumbassed "n=1" I-don't-need-a-doctor-to-fix-my-problems experimentation has left my intestines in pretty rough shape, to the point where really the only thing I tolerate well now is starch, so I'm basically living off potatoes and lean protein. I hope to see a doctor and fix the problem soon so I can get to a more reasonable 30-40% fat range.

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    I seem to average between 60-70% fat, 12-15% carbs, and the rest in protein. I wouldn't mind cutting the carbs a bit, but with my activity level I really need to keep my carbs between 65-75, no more unless I've a 3+ hour bike ride then I will have more good carbs. I do have very active days when I can't seem to get my carbs up that high, but I feel fine so must be hitting things not too far from the mark.

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    Interesting replies

    This is my n=1 that I am just now concluding: (it has only taken me 6 months)

    I lost most of my weight on about 30-40% fat (8-10lbs per month) Then went primal and upped it to 50+% fat (50-60) and losing about 4lbs per month. 60+% (60-70) is a crawl of about 2lbs per month. Then I upped it even more to 70+% and I gain and then fasting takes it back off.

    Fat is still a friend but not my best friend, not for weight loss. But I think once I reach maintenance, it will be okay to return to 50 - 70% as it satiates me with fewer calories overall and does make fasting a breeze which fits in great with my lifestyle, so it will all balance out. However, it just appears that I can not lose weight with higher fat, and that is what I need to focus on at the moment.

    So... in answer to the question, I am going to dial it back down to 30 +/- and see what happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RachelW View Post
    For weight loss how much should I be getting?
    How long is a piece of string?

    Everyone has a different requirement for what they need to feel good, energetic, healthy, and able to lose weight. For some people, this means high fat, for others it means low fat, and a big group of people are probably somewherein between. The only way to know what works for you is to experiment.

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