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Thread: No Bones About It

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    Quote Originally Posted by PHaselow View Post
    I want a bone in rib eye something BAD! Usually I can find the lamb steaks with bones (and chicken) but that is about it.

    Oxtails are pretty plentiful at our co-op. Same with livers. Not much offal unless you go to Europe, I believe. We Americans throw away the most nutritious part of the animal like garbage. I'll admit I'm not with you on trying brains.
    Oh yeah!! That fat sizzling with the bone and meat, all crisp and brown, the juices running off on the plate!

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    There are so many bone in and offal offerings available here in even the standard supermarkets (big chains like Publix even)...
    I'm used to it and have started to think it's normal I suppose.

    I admit that Walmart doesn't have a lot of the selection that the other standard supermarkets have, but I hardly shop there, and would never purchase their meat anyway.

    Just general supermarket fare runs the gamut from grassfed/organic angus beef and lamb, all the regular conventional meat bone in cuts you want, and tons of conventional meat odd cuts including ox tail, beef tripe, tongue, heart... pork tail, feet, and neck.

    It must be the large hispanic population.
    I love FL.

    The co-op has everything, nose to toes (organic of course, and soy free) for all the animals.
    Want chicken heads and feet for stock, you got it!
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    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doublehelix View Post
    Maybe it's the stores where I am...with the price of gas, I tend to shop local. I will check Basha's when I'm in the valley for oxtails!!
    Yeah they have liver and all that there as well, but Asian markets are really your best bet--they always have liver, brains, kidneys, heart, tripe, even uterus and testicles.

    Where in AZ do you live, if I can ask?
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