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Thread: Primal Living = Getting Hit On More?

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    Those ladies are all on the UCSB running team which is why they're so skinny.

    Seriously, most women in SB look similar, if not that skinny. And sheesh, they're wandering around in little sports bras like that on the trails and on the beach and everything. Not only do we have UCSB, but we also have a popular community college and a private college with women like that plus a whole community full of "trophy wives". So yeah, ain't nobody gonna notice me.

    Everybody always talks around here about all these fat people in the stores or at Wal-mart. Well, we don't have a Wal-mart. You can see some pretty fat ones at Costco (you have to wonder why people don't put 2 and 2 together.) But the beautiful people are everywhere. This town is crawling with them.

    If you are young and looking to go to a good college, you might consider coming to Santa Barbara. Not only can you get a top quality education, you'll be surrounded by a lot of pretty girls and good-looking men, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I keep getting hit on by guys young enough to be my kids.
    You go girl!
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    I don't notice. But my wife does.

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    I like younger men too ... although... maybe I just like fit/healthy men, and most men my age AREN'T and therefore I find the younger ones more attractive?!
    this is so true as i do know a few men who are pushing 60 who i think are attractive and it is coz they are fit and healthy. there is the mental aspect as well. we are what we eat so the brain and thinking suffers on junk. plus i reckon you get the face you deserve in the end so if they have had a chilled life and had nice thoughts, they tend to be more attractive too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PHaselow View Post
    No. I'm married, in my 40s with 3 teenagers, so I don't think I send out that vibe any more.

    Anyway, I don't look that different. It's only been 3 months.

    Well, don't count yourself out because you are in your 40s with teenagers... just wait a little longer ... I am now 8 months in, 51 yrs old, and have two grown sons, married (not consciously sending out any vibe)...I have begun to notice more looks, ogling, smiles, etc. I think it's because I look better and I am more confident.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    If my husband saw that pic he would say: "Are they cancer-survivors doing a fundraiser? No? Well they look like they're about to die." Yeah, I have the husband who worries about me getting too thin, even though I just barely have a bikini-respectable bod. When Angelina Jolie was presenting at the Oscars he yelled "who revived the Egyptian mummy!?" So take heart sbhikes, there's guys who find the anorexic look completely unattractive.

    But my husband is far from perfect. When I met him he would start making mooing sounds if he saw a woman with a bust larger than a D. I've knocked that out of him. Seriously, some women can't help it.

    I've been getting carded at the supermarket more often. That's just annoying. Flattering, yes, but in practice quite annoying.
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    I get checked out more, light touches on the forearm that linger a millisecond longer than strictly necessary are more common and women fiddle more with their hair around me. So yeah, it's a nice perk.

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    Well, not only am I part of that "group" (which in my case means older woman), but this is what MOST people look like where I live:
    Well, that's tough. Then, again, where-ever I lived, people were normal, even when I ventured in the scary USA places were people were far heavier than average, I still fit in the Les Invisibles. In fact, I think I would be even if I looked like one of those gals. It's about the attitude, not the bod. The Je ne sais quoi that makes a woman endlessly hittable and desirable by random men around is not a waist-hip ratio. I might not know what it is, specifically, that draws all men to that one gal in the room, make them run after her in the streets, and strike a convo on the bus, but I know that it is not beauty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post

    1, 2, and 3 look like they starved and fought to get to that weight, even if it is just genetics. I was a toothpick, so I'm well aware of the genetics of not being able to gain weight. 4, on the other hand, appears to have a healthy metabolism and her body appears to be working with her, not against her. I would say it's just the angles, but looking at the waist/ hip curve difference between 1 and 4 belayed that. 1's is sharp and pointy; 4 has an actual curve.
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    To be fair, they are athletes, runners, I assume distance runners which somewhat selects for a thin, light figure. There is no bonus of having tits and ass for running. They don't look unhealthy or suffering, they just don't look sexy. It's not a look or a body I'd aspire to unless my goal was to win at distance races.

    The Je ne sais quoi that makes a woman endlessly hittable and desirable by random men around is not a waist-hip ratio.
    I'd say its that men prefer a wider range then we think is attractive. If you are in that range, they will hit on you, and you are right, you have to send out the vibe. I smile a lot, in fact I always smile. I never don't smile. It's how my face is. So I do get a lot of random male conversation. It is about being open, but when I was 250, I still smiled, but people never made that eye contact/connection that allowed you to be open.

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