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Thread: One meal a day!

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    this is what I started today. lean gains, eat stop eat. Breakfast is for the weak!
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    I started doing this at the start of the week, it actually seems to make me sleep better.

    I do have a random question, would it be better to have a glass of warm lemon water before the one large meal, or first thing in the morning? (assuming the meal is in the evening, the drink in the morning would probably be good to help fight off any overnight dehydration, but I was wondering if there was any way this could interfere with the benefits of the 20(ish) hour fast).

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    One a day on the weekdays for me. More often in the weekends.
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    If you switched to once a day I'm curious to hear how much time you spent 'experimenting' with it?
    How long into your Primal journey did you figure out your own optimal eating pattern?

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    I eat 1 meal a day and I absolutely love it. Since I am fat adapted, during the day I am totally fine and have even energy. I only eat dinner, which could be anywhere from 2-6PM depending on my day. It is so satisfying to come home and have a delicious, filling meal. The best part is that I can do this, and adjust my calories to lose some extra fat if I feel the need to, and still be satisfied. Everybody at work who knows that I do this thinks I'm crazy and my body is going to go into starvation mode haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by froggie View Post
    If you switched to once a day I'm curious to hear how much time you spent 'experimenting' with it?
    How long into your Primal journey did you figure out your own optimal eating pattern?
    I have to say that ketosis has made all the difference in one meal becoming a natural thing as opposed to something I tried to impose on my diet. I tried The Warrior Diet shortly before finding Primal and failed at it miserably. I could force myself to wait the 24 hours but then I would stuff in enough for two days in one meal. Now it's not watching the clock. It's more like, "Oh, it's 5pm and I haven't eaten yet today. How did that happen? Maybe I'll have something in a little while."

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    If I eat, I eat once a day at dinner time. Sometimes, I don't even eat at all and I'll go until the next day at dinner.

    I've even started to incorporate 48-hour fasts now.

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    Well I used to always eat 2 or 3 meals a day but both yesterday and today, after having a BPC in the morning, I've only eaten one meal. Today I had a late lunch (4ish pm), but now feel full when everyone else is eating their dinner, so I don't think I'll have another meal today.

    I did sleep in though, as it's school holidays I'll probably eat more meals when I'm getting up early again! But we'll see .

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    What about drinking? I'm sure yall are drink water during the day. But what about coffee or tea?
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    Yep I drink water and coffee with a little cream in it. I tried the whole Bullet proof coffee thing and I think it made me more hungry and I felt terrible. So I just add a litte heavy cream or half and half to my coffee. I drink decaf since caffinated makes my adrenals freak out and I don't sleep well. I also sometimes add sea salt and lemon to my water to give a little electrolites. Especially on my 48 hr fasting days. But thats it. Coffee, water, salt/lemon water, herbal tea on occasion.
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