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Thread: Advice on how to be a primal vegeterian?

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    I think fat intake has to be high though just to be satiated (for me at least). If I do not have enough fat in my diet I get hungry much more quickly, but if I up my fat intake I am much better overall, so if she wants to be able to stick with it make sure she is using enough butter and other fats to make her feel full.
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    I agree with most of the posters here. Even if the only animal products she eats are fish and eggs, when she reads the guidelines, she can just ignore all the meats w/legs. If her objection to eating meat, is killing mammals and birds, rather than using their byproducts, maybe she will eat milk products? In which case she can also add full fat yogurt and good cheeses to her protein arsenal.

    Oils are easy: olive and avocado for example. Carbs are easy because she's already eating lots of plant products.

    Grains and beans are out - remind her that over 85% of wheat, corn, and soy in the U.S. are GMO (she can check this with the USDA website for the exact numbers). Chances are if she's a veg/pescatarian, she doesn't want any GMOs anyway, so this will give her the out she needs to ditch the tofu.

    I kind of like the idea of this in that I like the idea of all viewpoints being able to get healthy and eat real food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legbiter View Post
    You are DEAD to me bitch!

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    I agree with most everyone on here too. I'd stress cutting out processed food as priority numero uno! Once that happens, it doesn't seem possible to be that unhealthy.

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    Primal with extra fish and eggs and no footed-flesh is fine, no issue whatsoever. I'd advise her to get some fish and / or some eggs every day, though. She still might end up under Mark's protein recs but she'd have more than most veggos and some SADs get.
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    Adding chlorella &/or spirulina into her diet would provide more protein & also contains healthy doses of chlorophyll.

    I love it & laugh when people tell me they're vegetarians, then they quickly add that they eat fish & chicken too. Haha...
    It's like saying, "yeah I'm a virgin, except @ parties on the weekends..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcpheenom View Post
    She does eat fish ...not attempting to be primal without the meat
    meat = animal flesh
    fish = animal flesh
    fish = meat

    EDIT: k...I didn't read all the posts in between, but I think you get the point
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    I think coconut products would be really useful for her, because fish and eggs contain very little saturated fat for satiety.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BennettC View Post
    if she eats fish shes not a vegetarian
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    I wasn't too worried, legbiter.

    yeah, I do eat it, but. . . yeah, just decided to move away from pork. it's probably paleobird's and/or my kosher friend and/or bulletproof dude's influence.

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