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Thread: No going back now - Clothes Purge!

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    I have gone through my wardrobe once, but going to have to do it again now. The problem is if I try everything on I am afraid I may only have 1/8 of a wardrobe of clothes left. Even the things I bought recently are now too big. Lost over 40 lbs in 6 months. I want to stabilize before I buy more now. I can't afford to keep re-buying.... I am lower than I want to be now at 107.
    Started Primal June 2012 at 148.5lbs, and 5' 1", reached goal weight in 5 months.
    Lowest weight 93lbs - too thin. Now stable at around 100lbs much better weight for me at my age.
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    ever since I got pregnant enough to require special clothes, I've had somewhat of a minimal wardrobe... maternity clothes, I got away with 2 pairs of corduroys, a convertible capri/pant, a pair of jeans, about 5 tops, and 1 dress.

    In normal clothes, I only have a few pairs of pants at a time... right now it's 2 pairs of jeans (both of which I can take off without unzipping/unbuttoning) and a pair of WAY too big black dress pants.... once the pants are ridicu-big and/or full of holes, they go to donations/textile recycling (there's a booth at the farmer's market)... I have a neighbor who's a seamstress that also appreciates some of the old stuff to use as material.
    For shirts, I'll hit a sale and get the same shirt in multiple colors, so, for example, right now I have a v-neck in black, royal blue and forest green, and scoop necks in black, gray, and light purple.... plus a few "nicer" tops. these last through more sizes than pants, black goes with everything, so I have a lot of black.

    I'll probably do another big purge when I'm down to the size I think I should be... I have a bunch of jeans and pants in smaller sizes stashed away, but I'll probably get rid of the multitude of size 6ish pants ('cause I'm bigger than that now and should be smaller than that when all is said and done.).
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    Over the last 5 years I have had a pretty frugal wardrobe because I was pregnant, lost weight, then lost more weight (too much), quickly gained heaps of weight, then have gradually lost 50lb. I simply have not been able to afford much of a wardrobe with all the changes in my size. However I am pretty close to my ideal weight - about 12lb away - so I have invested in quite a few nice new clothes that will still fit when I am at my ideal weight. I might have to get some smaller jeans but everything else will still fit. I have just been going through my wardrobe and getting rid of lots of things and it feels great! I am feeling attractive again which is such a great self esteem boost (my partners' comments certainly help with this!). It really is so much easier to find nice clothes when you are smaller.
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    I love shopping these days!

    I'm a little sad that a few items I got this summer are going to be too big soon. Two pretty dresses from Anthropologie that don't seem alterable. I need to keep a running list of what I need to replace! It's been a PITA this fall and winter just not having basics- need new skirts and sweaters and can't find anything I like. I keep buying sweater dresses.

    I hate not having clothes that fit. I imagine when I hit my goal I will end up a 6-8, a 10-12 right now, so I probably have a few more rounds of shopping to do. But its fun! Sometimes I just try on clothes for the hell of it. Threw on a gorgeous Lauren sequin number. It was fabulous.

    Looking better in clothes is great incentive for me to keep at this.
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    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!

    Love your blog! Yummy.

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    I have several pair of size 16 jeans that I'm just waiting to shrink into... it was so very close, for awhile, but I've put a few pounds back on, so I'm really still wearing my 18W jeans *sigh*...

    Once in awhile, I remind myself that I no longer wear the size 24W jeans, and I am doing well...

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    Just completed a clothes purge myself! Merry Christmas Goodwill! I have almost no clothes that fit! I'll be buying a few second hand clothes for the time being, but I expect to donate those in a month or two.

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    Great job, everyone!

    I used to barely get into a size 12 and now I'm on the low end of 8. Problem is: I'm broke! I have to wear a belt with everything and one of my coworkers said all my clothes were 'shapeless'. Embarrassing!

    Is everyone who plans on losing even more just go to Goodwill to make it by? I suppose I'll have to give it a go!

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    I purged my wardrobe when I though that everything looks good and stable about 2 years into maintaining weight more or less. I was so confident and smug that I even purchased some sizes 2 and 4. Wore some of it too.

    A few months back I started gaining again, and I have no drive to re-lose. I am wearing the 'fattest' and the stretchiest items, but in another few weeks I will have to go shopping for double-digit sizes again. I should have stuck to the shapeless and stretching wardrobe.

    I guess, it's time to gather all the small items and donate them to the Goowill, since I don't think I will ever lose weight again. I am spent.
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    I recently went shopping at REI and had to use the previously dreaded change room to try on the clothes. I was very happy to say that I actually looked great in the mirror! It was exciting to try on clothes and actually feel like I looked good in them. I tried on my business suits yesterday as I will need them for some appointments in the new year, and they looked ridiculously baggy, so I will have to spend some money to update that part of the wardrobe. Looking forward to it.

    Interesting note by Leida, saying she is "spent" on trying to maintain a lower body weight. I didn't focus on the weight loss just eating healthy and my weight came down. It has now reached a healthy plateau with minor ups and downs. I just eat primal, which really doesn't take any major effort, and my weight stays in a range I feel good about. Hopefully that remains to be the case.
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