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Thread: Help Me Out With Seaweed

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    I use nori as wraps for any thing. I have never tried to eat one dry but have heard of people crumbling them into (anything).

    Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, probably eggs any which way, sautéed vegetables of any sort, sautéed veg and meat of any sort, etc. Cook it, dump it on a plate you've put a sheet of nori (or whatever) on, and roll it up. Let it sit if you can stand it, so the whole sheet gets moistened and the flavors blend a bit, then chomp into it.

    I'd expect you could spread some olive oil and spices, then either toast it or put *anything* into it, and it would be yummy. In fact I'm going to try that! Love kale chips and made some pretty incredible zucchini chips last weekend, so I'm sure I'll like nori that way too. (And much faster than waiting for the other stuff to crisp perfectly )
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    I use regular Nori sheet w/ perforations to tear for Sushi. I lay out a whole sheet, put a large row of avocado and sunflower seeds at one end and roll the whole thing up like a burrito. Yum.

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    I use Nori for tuna salad "sandwiches", burrito style and I break it up into chicken stock for a "miso" style soup with alfalfa sprouts and shaves carrot.

    If the Nori you have doesn't taste good, but you like sushi, try another brand.
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    Thanks for all the input. I'll try some of these methods (it was 2 for 1, so I have a decent amount of sheets). I don't know what it is about this Nori. Maybe it tastes more concentrated because it's dried and I need to rehydrate it, but when I eat it I feel like I'm drowning in the ocean. While being strangled by a giant squid.

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    Ways I can eat seaweed without that giant squid sensation:

    toasted nori in stir-fries
    kombu in stock (I don't eat it, it gets strained out with the bones)
    dulse straight from the packet, especially wrapped round cheddar

    Unfortunately no-one seems to sell dulse round here any more.

    I once bought some 'seaweed salad'. It was ever so pretty dried, and even prettier reconstituted - lovely colours - and was by some margin the most revolting food I've ever encountered. Exactly like eating something that's been decomposing on a beach for a week.

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