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Thread: Considering Eating Oatmeal For Breakfast

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    I dont miss it until I read threads about it DH still likes it, so I make steel cut for him. The other day, I soaked some in some yogurt for 24 hours first. I dont remember where I read about doing that. Added almonds and blueberries, baking powder, and baked it. He didnt really care for it like that, but when chopped up in a bowl w/half & half, he liked it.
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    I'll second the idea of non-breakfast foods for breakfast. While I will have eggs several times a week, most breakfasts are no different than dinners. Meat, good fats and a boatload of veggies in some form or another. This greatly enlarges the amount of possible meals and prevents boredom.

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    Caulimeal with carmelized apples~the kids, grandkids and DH really love it and we have picky eaters in our large family Just saying, you can have your favorites and eat them too all in the name of healthy!!

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    Second favorite choice is the almond mush leftover from making almond milk~cook with some fresh apple and cinnamon and sprinkle with a sweetener (stevia for us) douse with grass-fed butter and enjoy a healthy grain free treat..

    Ps: these hot 'cereals' take less than 20 mins to prepare..

    pss: we soak and roast our raw nuts before using.

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    I have flavored my oatmeal with bacon and a sunny side up egg. It's delicious. I've also put pumpkin in it. But no sugar.

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    I don't think it would be a big deal if you ate it once in awhile, just don't sweeten it up too much. I used to really like steel cut oats with dried cherries and cinnamon. I can barely stand oatmeal now. I guess my tastes have changed too much.

    I saw this recipe on a different forum. It makes a really yummy cereal. You can vary the ingredients, but I use raw slivered almonds, pecans, pepitas, dried cranberries, unsweetened coconut, a little candied ginger cut up, unsweetened coconut, cinnamon, vanilla. Pour some melted coconut oil in a bowl and mix everything together and bake until golden brown. You can also add a little sweetener like honey or maple syrup. I made it for a birthday party and left it out on the counter. Everyone loved it.
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    I know oats are touted as having amazing cholesterol-lowering properties, but it certainly isn't by the mechanism you mentioned. How are oats in your digestive system going to "sweep up" particles in your blood stream? So I'd want to look into that further.
    I also seem to remember reading something from Dr. Davis (Wheat Belly) that said that a bowl of oatmeal raises postprandial bloodsugars as much as wheat, which is as much as sugar. So the whole low-GI thing may be a fallacy.
    That said, there are probably worse things you can eat, depending on your goals. If it doesn't affect you much, you can probably indulge every once in a while and not see any negative effects.
    Personally, I used to love my oatmeal. I made it with quinoa and kasha and felt very virtuous. But I also felt extremely hungry about 2 hours later. Now, when I occasionally get bored of my scrambled eggs and spinach, I make a batch of paleo muffins to shake things up.

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    How about some pearled barley? It's a carby, fibery, filling old-time breakfast food with a glycemic index of 25. It has more taste than oatmeal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XGrains View Post
    What I currently read about oatmeal makes it sound like one of the healthiest foods available. I don't seem to have any sensitivities to grains, and I don't need to lose weight. Would eating oatmeal be a wise addition to my morning breakfast? Are the health benefits of oatmeal, as stated above, true or bunk?
    It's only one of the healthiest foods available when you compare it to worse alternatives. The whole 'healthy whole grains' movement is built around gettting health benefits by displacing refined grains from your diet. There's no 'whole grains' health benefit if you eat them *in addition* to refined grains. And Oatmeal is similar.

    Other than displacing 'nutritionally negative' foods, the 'health benefits' largely consist of being a source of fiber, i.e. the increase the volume that passes through your intestine. You can get that same benefit by eating vegetables. Ditto with the LDL claim, it's also based on the fiber component of the oats, and not actually nutritional food you are eating.

    With all that said, we still let our kids eat porridge in the morning for breakfasts, and I doubt that it will kill you either. If you want to increase the variety of your breakfasts, go for it. I think that overall it's fairly neutral as a food source.

    Nutritionwise, it's no egg.
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    I too get tired every once in a while but there is no way I would resort to eating grains again. As much as I might miss certain foods, I also miss a lot of other things that would be detrimental to my health, and would never consider doing them again.

    I don't understand exactly why you are asking that type of question here, on a paleo/primal board? Albeit, I am new here but aren't all grains considered taboo? If not, why even follow the plan at all?

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