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Thread: To Ignore or Argue with Aggressive Toxic Trolls?

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    There are certain topics I won't even open. And there are certain discussions I won't participate in. There is only one person on my ignore list, but I have considered one other. Anyway, I vote for A. And I vote for A after you did B and realized the mistake.
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    My preference is to engage if the topic is of interest to me, but remove myself from the discussion as soon as I get irritated. It's not worth stressing over, and not worth bringing negativity to the forums, even if "someone else started it". In the case that I believe you are referencing, I chose to respond to clarify some things of interest to me, but I will probably not say any more.
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    I prefer to ignore them, especially the one that you're referencing. Trolling is a red flag that you are not significant intellectually, physically, or emotionally.

    And if I had the opportunity to find the bridge that these trolls live under I'd push the devil out the backdoor into their mailbox.
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    A: Keep him on the ignore list, hope others figure out how craked he is for themselves
    This one. Always.
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    I think I know this one... the one who seems to be the Yin to Ol' Grizz's Yang, perhaps?

    Ignore it and maybe it'll go away. *shrug*
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    Quite frankly, if it's a topic I know'll piss me off, I stay away. If it qualifies under "didn't we JUST have this argument,"or obvious trolling, I usually try to avoid them. Emphasis on try.
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    I don't know who you're referencing, but sometimes I ignore them and other times I might try to make a reasoned response, until like sbhikes, I realize I've made a mistake and there is no point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tercio View Post
    Trolls get their satisfaction from pointless, fruitless argument. Best to not engage them and give them what they want. Ignoring them is best.
    If no one responds, they eventually get bored and go away.
    Responding to a troll is like feeding a celiac Pop-Tarts. You'll get the intellectual equivalent of swamp gas and diarrhea from them, and I think it negatively affects the whole dynamic of the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by interzone View Post
    Responding to a troll is like feeding a celiac Pop-Tarts.
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    whats a troll?
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