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Thread: Great, now my friends think I have anorexia...

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    Hey now all you gotta do is take up a HIT program like "Body By Science" to really baffle them. Then you can say....

    "Well I work out once a week for about fifteen minutes and then I eat a bunch of really fatty meat and veggies once a day".

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    I just tell people "diet and exercise" because that is what everyone is told all the time. They don't know which diet or what exercise, but there it is. I tell them if they want my specific protocol, I'll send them the book link in an email.
    Wise, Zoebird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumroll View Post
    My issue here is that they ALWAYS compliment me. They ALWAYS ask how I've achieved such great results, they ALWAYS want to know about my diet.

    Then, the moment I tell them, they suddenly turn from all "You look great and are really healthy" to "That shit is unhealthy stop it right now," in like a two-second flip. Ugh!

    Well, NO more. =|
    because you didn't tell them what they wanted to hear. you didn't say "oh i eat mah oats n take a pill and get lean muscles by magic!" and you didn't tell them something familiar or easy.

    i am often unable to keep my mouth shut about this stuff but i can see my friends and family's eyes glaze over when i get going and at the end of it i know they haven't taken anything to heart.

    my mom is intelligent (if stubborn) and i have had her read both rob wolff's book and wheat belly. but then the other day when i was over i was talking to her about grains being bad and she said "i don't subscribe to that theory." and i am like... okay. i can't even bother to say anything else because if she doesn't accept that, the rest is pointless anyway.

    both she and my sister are "vegetarians" (as i was raised, but quit when 16) and they are both obese. my sister is even bigger than i was at her age (19) and all they eat is soy and bread. makes me so sad. but what can you do?

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    I find most people, no matter how CW entrenched can get their heads around the whole, real foods concept and getting rid of all toxic fake ingredients. Many either have or know someone who has a gluten intolerance, so getting rid of wheat isn't that hard a sell either. The one that completely stops communication dead in its tracks is the idea of ALL THAT FAT!?!? How can you eat that??? You are going to get a heart attack!!! The fact that my BP is 90/60 doesn't soak in or that my dad has gone from having scary high BP to 115/65 at the age of 87 on Primal. They stop listening when the fat comes into the discussion.

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    I used to work with eating disorder patients... fasting for a day (or two) and/or just LISTENING to you body and not eating when you're not hungry is a FAR cry from anorexia....
    though I will say I had to stop reading the "fast for a week" thread because it reminded me a little bit too much of the pro-ana websites, but that's JMHO. :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Sounds like the first part of your weight loss could much more easily be labeled as "anorexic" than the Primal part.
    Lol this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catdance62 View Post
    OMG !!! The unicorns..!!! Laughing so HARD until I had tears!!!

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    Anybody ever has the nerve to call me anorexic, I'm just going to tear my shirt off, throw the person across my shoulders and squat them. Each rep, I'll ask, "Does this look like anorexia to you? 2! How about now? 3! And now? 4! Do all anorexics squat twice their body weight, or just the really sick ones? 5!"

    And then I'll hobble away and drink a tsp of baking soda to quell the imminent cramps...
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    I'm torn between wanting to spread the "Primal Gospel" and not wanting to alienate myself from my family and friends. Most are happy to listen (albeit with a skeptical look), but rather than do the reading and research they regurgitate some CW wisdom and write the whole thing off. It's like people want to avoid critical thinking at all costs, and this is hard to respect.

    However this way of life works and despite the inevitable annoyance and frustration, I will get on my soapbox at every opportunity. And if someone makes a stupid comment like, "No carbs?!? You must be sooooooo weak," I'll just take a page out of Knifegill's book and do pull ups while shouting, "Does this look weak to you sucka?!?"

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    The only people I have really let know the details of my diet are my husband, my dad, and his wife. My husband was a bit skeptical at first, but after I started having random health issues clear up, he has been very supportive and has said he will eat as healthy as I make him. My dad and his wife were giving me a lot of grief about lack of fiber, high cholesterol, etc. but they have backed off considerably since they have seen me sprinting, something I couldn't do without serious pain before. They have conceded that it works for me but are not at all interested in trying it themselves. Nearly anyone else who asks I tell them I can't have gluten or I am cutting back on sugar. Both of which are true but neither of which is threatening to the average person.

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