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Thread: IBD: Ulcerative Colitis

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    Hey Solomani,
    I've only read a few posts in this thread, hope I'm not just saying what others have already said.
    I was diagnosed with UC about 10yrs ago. Tried a whole stack of drugs in my time, too. None of them actually had a positive effect except steroids, which I was given after a brief hospital stay. I can tell you definitively - the SCD/GAPS diet works. I've been attempting to follow this diet, with varying degrees of success, for a couple of months now. After a couple of DAYS of strict adherence (the intro part is very strict) my symptoms had dramatically improved. I'm talking going from 15+ loose bowel motions a day to maybe 6, with form. Still not normal, but completely life changing for me.
    It's very similar to the PB, but starts off limited and you introduce new foods to see if you react. There's also a decent amount of dairy involved. We make homemade yoghurt, cream and kefir.
    I struggle with the diet only because I'm a flat-out carb addict. I work at a pizza shop, and sometimes I can't resist a garlic bread. That night I always remember why I avoid such foods.
    I have a friend who is studying Nutrition/Dietetics and she is appalled that I avoid grains. Apparently they're essential for life? They're basically poison for me.

    TL;DR - Try SCD/GAPS. It works.

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    Hi Josh,
    Brilliant. That's good to hear positive first hand experience like that. I am waiting for the book to arrive but I started avoiding foods based on the legal/illegal list on their website over the last 8 days. I can't say I've seen an improvement but then again my condition has become relatively mild since cutting wheat (I normally get inflammation/bleeding about once a week then have to use meds then OK for another week).

    It may sound strange to people who don't suffer from an IBD but its a pretty happy moment when you get a normal bowel movement so I am very happy for you.

    I notice your Australian as well

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    hi everyone. i know i'm a bit late to the party but was interested to hear people's link between primal/paleo and SCD.
    i was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 8 years ago. was on mesalamine for awhile but it stopped working and i refused to go on steroids. i started doing my own research and went through naturopaths, acupuncture, diet changes etc. only thing that really worked were diet changes through following SCD.

    one thing to remember though is you should eat different things depending on whether you have symptoms or are in remission. i.e., tons o veg is amazing as a preventative measure but KILLER when in flare up mode.

    also, i found making my own yoghurt a big help.

    i have been symptom free now for about 2 years. up until 2 months ago i still occasionally ate wheat, sugar, starches etc but if i went hog wild i would feel it the next day and really have to reign it in. early Nov i decided to go primal. mainly, because it just all made sense to me. the fact that it's similar to SCD also means it will keep me out of the loo!

    so i totally think SCD/primal works for colitis BUT be careful when in flare up and remove all physical gut irritants like non sluble fiber (stick with squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes, apples w no skin, papaya etc) and anything with sharp edges! (nuts, seeds, berries, shrimp shells!). all other times, for me, i eat a ton of fibrous greens (kale, spianch, lettuce greens etc), lots of fat (coconut mainly) and lots o protein, limited fruit. i drink half decaf every day with no problems and even drink alcohol.

    i also suggest reading Listen to Your Gut by Jini Patel Thompson. She experimented on herself with tons of foods and supplements so provides a nice long list of different options to try out. Main thing is, every gut is different. it takes awhile to figure yourself out, but once you do...easy peasy!

    good luck!

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    I have IBS---it was gone until this past Dec when I OD'd on sweets and stress! I currently am just eating meats, fats, broth and liver and feel TONS better...can't do any of the fiber at the moment. I'm truly ketogenic---have you looked into the benefits of ketosis for this condition? I am also epileptic so it addresses that issue too (although I tend to think my gut flare up is directly tied to my seizures).
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    I have been on SCD now for 3 months. So far I would say I have found straight paleo to be more effective. When I was just doing the paleo diet my rate of medicine use went to 7 to 10 days. 3 months after starting SCD I have seen a slow deterioration and now use medicine daily. It could be coincidental - 3 month flare. But I don't know. Will stick with it a bit longer to see.

    The strange thing is that my other symptoms have all abated or disappeared entirely. Its just the bleeding frequency and quantity has increased. Its all very strange to me.


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    How do SCD and paleo differ?
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    SCD has been around since the 30s or 40s. It has the same inspiration - we suddenly have lots of IBDs and our diet has changed so what did we eat 100 years+ ago?

    Main differences are:
    SCD is a bit more generous with the carbs though sugar is restricted to honey only. So no starches of any kind or milk.
    SCD allows legumes.
    No chocolate of any kind.
    It works by wiping the slate clean and slowly adding foods instead of Paleo which tends to be more a case of subtracting food instead of cold turkey change. Though both are grain intolerant.
    SCD is specifically to treat IBD. The logic being that most IBD's boil down to a bacterial inbalance so SCD pretty much kills off any overgrown bacteria in the first two days or so and then spends the next years building up a more diverse biome.

    That's the key differences.

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    I have UC and am currently in remission (on a low level dose which I'm hoping to reduce down).
    I tried the SCD diet and didn't get on with it at all. Mainly, I think, because of the yoghurt. I can't have milk at all and even with the long fermentation time the yoghurt would still upset my stomach.
    I'm on my fourth day of the PB and so far I'm feeling very good. I know a lot of people have had a LOT of success with SCD - if you want anymore experiences check out this forum:
    Ulcerative Colitis Forum • Index page
    Good luck - it's a difficult thing to try and figure out

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    Sorry! Have just seen how old this thread is. Ignore me. Late to the party as usual - that'll teach me for using the search function.....

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    Hi Solomani. I have or have had all of the digestive disorders of the type you mention. I have 'cured' them with PB and a probiotic capsule before every meal. All symptoms are gone, but it lurks there and diarrhea returns with a vengeance if I go off PB over 10% in a week.

    Please read the first post here:

    I saw my G.I. Doctor about a month ago and he said I seem to have had a 'spontaneous remission". I do almost all my cooking and eating at home.
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