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Thread: Confused about different types of diets...

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    I agree with a lot that has been said before: 1) any mindful, real food approach will be much better than standart, mindless SAD, and will probably solve enough problems (at least in short-medium term) to get people excited about it; 2) everyone should listen to their body when starting/following a certain diet - no size fits all - I can't run on 30 bananas a day but I am sure there is somebody who can; 3) any scientific data about the effects of nutrition is bound to be not very precise because it is mostly based on epidemiological data (surveys, not enough control for other factors) ir lab experiments on animals. You really can't take a bunch of people, put them into a lab for the rest of their lives and feed them according to a certain protocol.
    I also was confused at the beginning and it too me about a year to be "sold" on the primal/paleo above others. For now I am more than happy but I would never say never. May be in 5 years time I will want to be a vegan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damiana View Post
    I think one should avoid all the dieting hype and eat real food, not crap that comes packaged in plastic and which is unrecognizable from its original form. If you can't understand or can't pronounce the ingredients, don't eat it. The exception being foreign foods :P

    I hate the word "diet" but I am a serial dieter, always screwing around with my system to find the cure-all. I was omnivorous for most of my life, then calorie-counted and restricted fat until I lost 30 pounds, then I went lacto-ovo vegetarian because it was "cool" among the hipster friends of mine in the city I used to live in. That evolved into veganism when I met my vegan-hippie-yoga-instructor-PBR-drinking friends. I was 95% vegan (I still ate honey and cheese if I wanted to) for a number of months because, well, my vegan friends said it was great and that meat-eating is evil.

    I think we focus too much on the "diet" we're on. Paleo. Primal. Vegan. Raw vegan. Octo-lavo. Vegetarian. People (including the original poster of this thread) need to stop caring about the labels and get back to basics:

    Avoid things that come from a plastic bag, unless you can read all of the ingredients.
    Buy produce from a farm you know (and, if you can't, buy domestic and/or organic).
    Buy meat/poultry/etc. that has been fed a natural (not corn!) diet.
    Buy wild fish.

    Most importantly: listen to your body. If eating a crap-ton of bacon every morning gives you the shits, stop and rethink what you're doing because obviously that's not working. If eating no meat makes you feel weak and sleepy, stop and rethink that. Find your happy place.
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    I agree with what most people have said - the Primal way of eating makes me feel good, and I finally feel like my appetite is under control. I have become extremely reactive to eggs and all dairy (reeeeally bad eczema on my hands, stomach pain, migraine), even raw whole dairy, goat dairy, etc. Boo HOWEVER! On fish, poultry, meat, fruits, veg, nuts and seeds I feel pretty awesome. My mood has improved, my cycle has improved, and now that the whole dairy thing is resolved I am hoping inflammation will improve.

    I am not melting the excess fat away, but I expect that to follow my body getting well, absorbing nutrients properly, etc. It's all a process.

    FWIW, I am 30, female, 5'6", 225 lbs and have a stocky build.

    My dear husband, on the other hand, who is 6'1", no weight problems, resolved all of his health problems by becoming (whole food, wheat-free, minimal soy) vegan. His joint pain disappeared, his digestive problems disappeared, and he is now weight training and gaining muscle like he never has before. I cringe at the vegan-hate I sometimes see on this forum. Not all vegans are pale and weak, and my husband is living proof of that.

    I have tried the vegan diet, and I gained weight. My appetite was out of control, I was bloated, and I felt terrible.

    People come in all shapes and sizes, and we each have different dietary needs. Find what makes you feel the best and stick with it while remaining respectful of others.

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    You really have to base your diet on blood labs. There is no other way. I get labs drawn every 4-6 months and compare with previous labs. Look at markers of inflammation (hs-crp), lipids, thyroid, fasting glucose, A1C, liver function, all that. The sicker you are the more you need to check. You can't go by feelings or what feels good to eat. Going low carb could be killing you, same as low-fat. Different people react in different ways. If you are just going by weightloss you could be doing a great disservice to yourself. A good doctor and good labs are what's called for for everyone. Once you are where you want to be, maybe check labs once a year to be sure you are on target.

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    We are omnnivoirs so we can survive off a wide range of foods. Any way of eating that focuses on real foods will help a body - the real question is what way of eating and what lifestyle do you THRIVE on.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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