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Thread: What is your workout today?

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    Pulling day today.
    Machine Rows 5X5
    Dumbell rows 2x8
    pulldowns 5x12
    DB curls warm ups then down the rack twice
    cable low pulley curls 4x12

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    Mar 2010
    Alternating sets of chins and overhead presses, 3 sets of each. One set of max pushups a little later in the day.

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    Apr 2010
    Atlanta, GA
    AMRAP in 30 mins of
    1 pullup
    2 pushups
    3 squats
    4 kb clean and presses
    5 kb swings
    sort of a variation of the simple fit workout

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    May 2010
    45 minute walk to the park

    8 uphill sprints on a very hot and humid day – felt like I was drowning by the end!

    45 minute walk back home
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    Feb 2010
    Ran 12.3 miles @ ~6:58 mile/min

    Core Work with medicine ball

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    Aug 2009
    Totally love the PB fitness book, nothing new though, which isn't necessarily a bad thing...I still have a hard time accepting the fact that the LESS exercise I do, the STRONGER I become...No more Bodyrock HIIT workouts at all, which I can't say that I miss. They were always quite exhausting and I didn't feel like I was getting any stronger. I think it's a great starting point for beginners anyway. But now I have... shifted my focus...

    Tried to get out there this morning for a lifting routine, but even after bicyling to two different playgrounds, I just couldn't get into it. When I lift heavy things, I get pretty intense and even ANGRY about it, which is much harder to do when the sun is shining and birds are chirping and you just rolled out of bed.

    Everything was wet with rain after work, ran up and down the streets barefoot and wild, I get adrenaline rushes like a crazy person sometimes... Does anybody else experience this? Hahaha... In any case... My workout was something like:

    15-18 push-ups
    10 prisoner squats (getting better!!! This was mainly to practice form and give myself a short break)
    12 shoulder presses
    10 prisoner squats
    4 close push-ups
    10 prisoner squats
    Repeated 4x, rest 30-60sec between circuits
    + Mini-Reps (fast and explosive):
    10 push-ups
    10 close push-ups
    10 shoulder presses

    My main focus today was operating through a full ROM. My shoulders feel very...worked. ;-)

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    May 2009
    Northern Idaho
    Disassembling and sanding the old paint/weathered wood off some old outdoor chairs
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    Getting ready to do some deadlifts and hit the elliptical.

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    Aug 2010
    I am brand new to PBF (day 2), so I did the "Essential 5" Benchmark this morning. Results were a littleless than expected due to muscle-up work yesterday:

    push-ups: 65
    pull up/chin up (no kipping, swinging, chicken-necking, etc....strict): 12 each
    squat: 75
    dive-bombers: 20
    plank: 2:26

    I then just had some fun throwing around slam-ball, leaping over stuff, hitting heavy-bag with clubbell, etc.

    I am really looking forward to the PBF life-style!

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    May 2010
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    1 hour walk

    Leg Lifts (3 x 12)
    Chin Ups (3 x F)
    Inverted Rows (3 x F)

    Squat (my inner thais were very sore today, almost feeling as if I pulled them, so I decided to go easier on the squats today)
    5 x 10 (155 lbs)

    Bench Press
    5 x 5 (145) personal best
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    It's a no brainer: The journal of the cerebelum

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