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Thread: Scotch

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    Quote Originally Posted by urbancaveman View Post
    Onalark, someone famous once said, " There is a special place in hell for thos who spoil a good scotch!!" lol
    Hey, at least I'm not mixing it with Sprite.

    In the case of something like Laphroaig, I really feel it benefits (for my palate) to have a dash of water thrown in. Otherwise, it's like drinking straight smoke extract. I just can't!

    Then again, supposedly I have Heightened Senses now that I'm gestating, so that may have been part of it. But I really have always liked a touch of water with my whisky.

    I knew an author on GEnie who used to eat chocolate chip cookies with his. I'm pretty sure he dunked them in the scotch. I have never done that.

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    Balvenie Caribbean Cask, still around if you look. Maybe a cheat as far as the method but it has that transcendent smoothness that only the unspeakably expensive one offs that I've sampled had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peril View Post
    Lagavullin, ...
    This. Lagavulin 16 = the Balls.

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    Might be sacrilege to professional imbibers but Lidl's Ben Bracken is actually quite drinkable, especially at the price.
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    If you're gluten sensitive, beware the cheap blended scotches, as they can have malt flavouring added back in to adjust the taste. Good single malt doesn't have that issue, and distillation removes gluten, making good scotch safe for me.

    Which is good, because giving up beer was hard, but giving up scotch would possibly have resulted in the destruction of several city blocks.
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