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Thread: Fasting Challenge Next Week

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    Quote Originally Posted by lissee View Post
    Well, good morning everyone. Day 4 1/2 and I think I'll end my fast this morning. This was a very, very interesting experiment, and by supplementing fats, was a lot easier than i would have been.
    Wow! That is impressive!!
    65lbs gone and counting!!

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    Thanks Gopintos!

    Quote Originally Posted by Drumroll View Post
    Regarding the heartburn flare-ups, I tend to find that days where I significantly underconsume calories as in, 500 or more calories under my requirement, I tend to also have flare-ups.

    On the other hand, this is usually ONLY when I DO eat and miss my mark. If I simply don't eat ANYTHING, then there's not anything in my stomach which can trigger the acid reflux, so making a fat fast rather than a true fast may have been the cause. I'm not knocking your efforts, just pointing out a correlation I've noticed in myself which may be at work there.
    Interesting. However, my heartburn is an ongoing issue, that is not isolated to fasting. Recently, I've realized that it's most likely an H. Pylori overpopulation. Am trying to sort it out, but it's taking a while to figure out what kills these suckers. (Besides a strong cocktail of antibiotics.)

    Also, obviously, you haven't really read this thread very much or you'd already understand the rationale, and reasoning behind why I decided not to do a prolonged water fast. 24 water fasts, no problem. More than 24 hour water fasts? Not such a good idea for women of reproductive age.

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