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Thread: Does anyone find it really, really difficult to get up early to exercise?

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    I have worked out consistently for 20 years. I have worked out early morning under 5 times. It is basically impossible for me, and I don't even consider it a viable option.

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    Even when I was a "gym rat" (at least 1.5 hours at the gym daily, longer on the weekends, in addition to personal training for a year) I never worked out in the morning. I just can't. People say it energizes them and pumps them up for the day... while for me, I just want to nap. All of my time spent at the gym was after work during the week, or around noon on the weekends.

    The only time I've ever gotten up early to exercise was when I was training for my half marathon with a running group who, as much as I hated it, would have weekly Saturday runs at 7am... in the winter... in snow/sleet/freezing rain... ugh. And you know what I would do when I got home? Shower and sleep for at least an hour.

    To the OP: Have you read the PB? There is a chapter talking about Groks vs. Korgs and how the latter's matriarch struggles in the morning to work out. May be a good chapter for you to read.
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    Your biggest problem is probably that you just need more sleep at night. I remember how hard it is to get to bed early in high school/college, and I have always been one of those people who need alot of sleep. In college, I coped with it by taking a nap in the afternoon.

    I have a hard time doing anything really early in the morning. I am at my best in the evening, so that's when I work out. There's no law that says you have to get up super-early to work out first thing - work with your body's natural rhythm.

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    I'm no teenager but I know i need 8 hrs of sleep daily to be at my best peak. I mostly disagree with working out first thing in the morning. I exercise when my schedule allows me to and when I have the best energy. I do prefer to do cardio first thing when i get up and that is never at 6 am.

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    I can't do mornings. Now maybe if my cortisol levels get fixed that would work better than it has at any time in living memory . . . but I just can't get up like that in the morning. The best time for me has been early afternoon or mid-morning. After work I'm too tired most days - I might do some strength or yoga or pilates - but I'm not going to do sprints, a long walk or a short jog.

    Fortunately I walk to work nearly every day - so I'm walking 1.2 miles almost every day and more on weekends.

    I'd like to be more disciplined about working out before or after work though. And it has been easier for me when I am being stricter paleo than not. I'm quickly learning (or maybe slowly? anyway, I'm learning) that grains just wipe me out!

    I do agree with what other have said about sleep being important though. I'd never sacrifice a good night's sleep to work out. But when I'm eating what I should I wake more easily and can still get a good night's sleep and a short workout before work. Or have enough energy to do one after work instead or in addition.

    Sleep is just the higher priority though - esp. for a worry wart prone to high cortisol like me.
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    I've never got a good performance early in the morning, and after I get my medicines at 8AM (methyl prednisone included, with cortisol going up as it should) I need a nap.
    Even if I'm awake and alert I wouldn't train, it never worked for me and I doubt it ever will.


    During law school I'd run at 6AM but that was before going to sleep, I'd been up all night studying and taking care of my grandgrandmother, then run and then go to sleep around 8AM. Some nights I slept through some really bad theory and those times I couldn't even take a walk around the isle: I'd just cruise to my room and collapse like a not fully trained (drunk) toddler (which means sometimes I even missed the bed).
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    Morning workouts for wrestling were notoriously shitty for everyone. I honestly don't think its natural to roll out of bed and put out a high intensity of work. Light-moderate...sure. But not an all out effort. I see no use to it.

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