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Thread: Coconut Milk Ice Cream Tips?

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    This is what I make:

    Strawberry/Raspberry ice cream: 1 can full-fat coconut milk (Chaokoh brand), mash up a bunch of fresh strawberries and raspberries as the flavor/sweetener (nothing else is needed). I use a potato masher so it creates a big juicy, pulpy mess. Mix crushed berries with coconut milk, then add to ice cream maker for 20 minutes, or so.

    Eat immediately (it gets melty pretty quickly). I haven't tried to freeze this to eat later -- not sure how it would turn out. Fresh? It is amazingly delicious

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    Quote Originally Posted by ennaejay View Post
    This is brilliant. Do you think whiskey would work just as well?

    I make full fat frozen yogurt for the kids, and add in egg yolks, cultured cream, or nut butters for extra smooth/thick creamyness. It still freezes pretty hard though. I'll have to try the alcohol.... LOL don't call child services on me!

    Oh! OP! Try adding coconut oil (melted, blending it SUPER WELL so you don't get chunks). I've made several raw dessert pies using lots of coconut oil, berries or banana to sweeten etc and the texture is always melt-in-your-mouth and you can eat it straight from the freezer. Actually I never thought of adding oil to ice cream til now. Hmmmm.... I bet it'd work

    Now I'm hungry...
    Haha! I won't tell! Promise!

    You could try whiskey, but there is so much sugar in it and it has a very distinct flavor... you may taste the whiskey itself in the ice cream. Vodka is preferred because it has no aroma/flavor (other than alcohol). It also won't add sugar to it like whiskey, bourbon, or rum (and other sweet liquors) will.
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    Home made recipe for ice cream ,i tried its delicious
    3-Ingredient Coconut Ice Cream
    2 (13-oz.) cans of coconut milk
    1 3/4 cups sugar
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract

    Makes about 1 quart
    Chill the coconut milk
    Blend the ingredients
    Add the sugar and vanilla.
    Blend until smooth.
    Pour it in ice cream mixture .
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    How to Make Great Vegan Ice Cream | Serious Eats

    I know we're not vegans, but the coconut milk thing brought this to mind. Once you understand the science behind making ice cream, you can swap out the corn syrup for honey (which is also an invert sugar), and play around with the ratios of fat/protein/sugar yourself.

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