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Thread: What percentage of fat is in full fat yogurt?

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    I think Ive located something worthwhile. Its called Liberte Mediterranne.

    Its plain and it has 10 percent MF.

    Is there anything wrong with this ingredient list? Whole milk, cream, milk protein concentrate, bacterial cultures. No skim milk products

    What does MF stand for in yogurt? Does Mediterranne mean greek?

    It took some effort tracking this down. One of the places I went to that I called beforehand didn't actually have this particuar version. 1 out of the three organic stores I tried had it and I only walked in by chance, it was a food co-op.

    I emailed Liberte as well for an ingredient list, hopefully this stuff works out, then I can make ranch dressing

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    I'm in Canada as well.

    As Matil said, Liberte Mediterranean is pretty good.

    If you can find Stodinakis (sp?) yogurt, it's probably my favorite. Farm Boys sometimes carry them. Astro also has a 10% greek yogurt that is tasy.

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    Are there any full fat organics? Right now my main squeeze is Fage Total, but I'd love to find a full fat organic. I've seen a 2% from Wallaby something-or-other that was quite yummy at Whole Foods.
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    No, haven't seen any good organic full fat yogurt, we just have to take what we can get right now I guess.

    Also I saw Liberte full fat at a different whole foods today, annoying how certain locations only carry certain stuff. I can get native forest coconut milk at one whole foods but only light at the other, helps with getting more walking in though.

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