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Thread: Comfort EATING

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    Sorry to hear about your trauma Bare! I agree with everyone, you did not screw up at all, and u do not need to punish yourself. Just go with more primal 'junk' moving forward like ice-cream, dark chocolate with some fruits in it, etc. You still did great for the most part anyway!

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    Don't guilt yourself about whats going down your gullet at this time. Just take all the time you need to work through what has happened. Get back on track when your life is less stressful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bare View Post
    My mother, 16 yr old sister, 11 yr old sister ,3 yr old sister , 1 year old brother faced a near death crash 2 days ago. They were on the way back home to Texas. 1 hour into the road, the vehicle my mom was towing lost traction while passing a semi truck. The vehicle being towed slammed the side of the truck. The semi then what I amagine looking as if it performed a pit maneuver on the suv. The semi lifted the suv a few feet, they rolled 3 times. At that time I was shopping for my college supplies , I was notified by a aunt in Texas she wondered what had happend, I had even no idea . When she said flipped over I was in complete shock ! I immediately thought death Seeing my family in the ER put tremendous stress on me, I lost my sanity. Tonight is the 2nd day since the incident. I called in yesterday for work, ate as usual "primal". But tonight I had a cup of ice cream, some chocolate Hersheys , 4 chocolate covered strawberrys, 2 pieces of receese , a donut, half a mid sized strawberry muffin ugh sugar sugar sugar !! To wash it down I had some caldo, which consist of some white potatoe , chicken , 5 tsps of rice and drops of lime. I took the usual Orange Traid multivitamins with 4 glasses of water hopeing it would help dissolve the junk ! The pleasure of temporary now I feel so guilty but glad I had the comfort food with my sister as we watched movies.

    I am certain i will not go back to the junk, but what does the community recommend I do now , I feel as if I took a few steps back.

    P.S I havent been able to hyper focus as usual, have it in my mind like a relapse. Being grateful to have them by my side caused me to say what the heckk, screw it I can enjoy this now or never.
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