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Thread: Satiety with low calories

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    Fat. You need a far smaller volume of food to feel satisfied when you include adequate fat. You don't need to dredge everything in melted butter and bacon grease...just don't fear the fat.
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    My post probably came off as too low fat, but I don't know how many calories she needs to consume to lose body fat. I'm an active strength training male, so that number is obviously a lot higher for me and I can get away with eating ribeyes, coconut oil, and large omlettes more frequently. If she's eating foods like liver, she definetly knows what's good for her. I'm trying to drive home that fat calories while healthy, can add up fast if they become a condiment.

    I know a lot of people can effortlessly maintain bodyfat on PB, but some people do need to count or at least be mindful of their calorie intake to lose fat. I only eat that lean a few times a week to help with body composition. I wouldn't recommend someone abstaining from healthy Primal fats long term or everyday.
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    I don't know. I've experimented on myself. And for me, it's a nice normal ratio of fat and protein. Even lean meats can do it. I've even tried in the name of trying new stuff doing the fat thing and while it does sate, it also brought nausea. Eggs work for me, as does beef or pork. N really does = 1 sometimes. We are not lab rats.

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    A breakfast of meat and veggies and eggs helps me most to keep it down for the rest of the day.

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    i feel way fuller for much longer with a small serving of rich meat or salmon than i do from 6 oz. chicken or flounder.

    my first meal is most often bone broth with either eggs or meat and some greens wilted in. hot sauce often, cocnut milk sometimes. it sets me up for hours.

    here's another thing to keep in mind: if you've been yo-yoing on the SAD for awhile (years?) it's not just your metabolism that is damaged. you likely are sorely deficient in many minerals, and that whacks out hormones, making weight loss even harder. it's easy to get the macros of fat, protein and carbs. you're being super-wise to include foods like liver and seaweed. but the bone broth is like magic potion and i strongly recommend d3 supplements too.

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