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Thread: Paleo Fail

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    Agreed with bloodorchild, this is not a fail at all. You saw that you needed to make a change and you did, and you're seeing results. You found what works for you and that's the important part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post
    or maybe she doesn't like meat, and is fine being lacto-ovo
    which is fine. still seems pretty paleo to me, so maybe you didn't fail at all
    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    I see nothing wrong with eating the way you like. You're doing what works for you instead of trying to fit yourself into someone else's mold. That is absolutely a success.
    Quote Originally Posted by impala454 View Post
    Agreed with bloodorchild, this is not a fail at all. You saw that you needed to make a change and you did, and you're seeing results. You found what works for you and that's the important part.
    Thanks to all! You're right; not really a fail after all, but a major adjustment in a better direction. Thanks!
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    No big deal. You can still do it meatless. Yogurt is awesome, I've been relying on homemade yogurt the last few weeks because I've had hardly any money. Do you eat eggs?

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    There's no reason a lacto-ovo vegetarian can't be primal. I'm sure there must have been some groks that gagged when the only food source was animal flesh. They might have had to eat it, but we have grocery stores.

    There are 10 guidelines to the Primal Lifestyle, and only the first is directly about food. If you have a better understanding of your protein and fat needs, what grains and other CW foods can do to you, I think you can don Wilma Flintstone garb with the rest of us. There are plenty of people who follow primal "80/20." Let not liking animal flesh be your 20, and stay with the tribe!

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    Would you be opposed to keeping bone stocks in your diet? I think that could add a lot of additional nutrition without having to actually eat meat. You could make a very large batch at one time, freeze it, and just included it in soups, veggie preps, etc.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    I'm with you ForensicArtist. I'm pretty much lacto ovo mostly veg and new to this. BUT....I love bacon and am eating sliced ham, turkey etc. I know not the best as they are all cured but its something. Haven't had beef in years. So I'm out with family and decide to try a burger in lettuce not a bun. Honestly it tasted like shoe leather. So after I asked them if that was a good burger and they all thought so So sadly I will stick to my cheese and eggs and bacon!!

    I like the suggestion about the bone broths. I think I could benefit from them. And I agree with you that ditching the processed foods and grains is probably the best health thing we can do anyway. The rest of it is gravy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForensicArtist View Post
    You'd have to get it away from him first! He had avocado on bacon last night for dinner!
    Yum. Bacon and guacamole is one of my favorite things on the planet. Good for you for cutting down on the grains. It's very easy to get into a comfort zone with those regardless of the rest of your lifestyle.

    Also, full fat plain greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon and walnuts is DELISH! I also will take the same plain yogurt and mix in some Simply Fruit preserves which is just the fruit and fruit pectin and no other sugars and some walnuts for a change of pace. Of course, the yogurt on berries is also ridiculously good.

    I had to come back and throw that in there.
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    I say good for you... there is value in knowing what you really can or cannot deal with eating. And as long as you've learned something, then it's absolutely not a fail, it's just another step on the right path for you. :-)

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    How do you feel about eggs? It is not impossible to be a healthy vegetarian, you just need to base your meals on non-meat animal products. If I were a vegetarian (and that's a big if), my meals would definitely be based around eggs. Eggs contain everything a chicken needs to develop, so they are the vegetarian equivalent of a steak. Eggs can be used in so many different ways, you just need to use your imagination. I have been experimenting with different techniques for making bread replacements with eggs. I found that the best technique is simply whipping the whites until they are stiff, and then stirring in the yolks until it is a consistent colour, then baking it in the shape you want. My personal favourite is chicken pizza with an egg base (could easily be a veggie pizza). The base tastes and feels just like a normal pizza base, it's just a lot more filling. Six eggs makes an average-sized pizza base, the mixture just needs to be put on a greased try (two inches thick), and baked at a low temperature until it is firm. It also works for hamburger buns. For all of you non-vegetarians, add some salt and you have perfect batter for deep frying your meats.

    Don't give up, vegetarianism doesn't mean you can't be healthy.

    Good luck!

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    So you eat eggs and dairy and nuts? Then I don't see why you HAVE to eat meat. Especially if you don't need a lof calories, because in that case it might get hard without meat.
    well then

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