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Thread: Please post your Primal school lunch ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kariberry View Post
    Same boat - except oldest is going off to the college dorms and is on a meal plan. There is a serious lack of healthy foods in the cafeteria, and he can't afford to spend much extra $ on food... anybody with college kids on the meal plan? Suggestions?
    he should be fine... i survived college without putting on any weight. I went to University of Colorado at Boulder which is a pretty large hippy school. out of the multiple dorm and housing options EACH dorm had a different menu so you could decide where you wanted to eat based on the options (lasagna or grilled chicken, like that is even a question.) besides that each dorm had a huge awesome salad bar with tons of veggies. there was also a grill/chef that would cook meat or omelets or whatever for you during certain hours. dorm food is like a restaurant... you have good choices but you just need to be smart about making them there are so many options/accommodations at college because of dietary allergies and different cultures coming together.

    besides that, a mini fridge and microwave can go a long ways in helping out and saving money!

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    School Lunch Ideas | Everyday Paleo

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