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Thread: The California treatment

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    The "Californication" of some nearby states during one of the housing bubbles was kind of when it got really bad. People selling their overpriced homes in CA and then driving up the prices of homes in Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, (for eg.).

    But it was bad a long time ago also. I lived in SF from the early 70s to the late 80s, and I heard jokes about all the "fruits and nuts" lived in CA.

    Some people just have to have a negative reaction to anything outside their comfort zone. Most people die within 50 miles of where they were born.

    Oh yeah, no, I don't give Californians a hard time.

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    They're all just jealous.

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    My husband's grandmother had a house on Cheyenne Mountain, just outside of Colorado Springs CO. I got to visit there a couple of times before she passed away. The first time I visited, you could barely tell there were houses all up and down the mountain - they all purposely built their places so anybody up and down the mountain had unobstructed views and stayed below the treetops.

    The last time I got to go, "the Californians" (as the locals said it) had purchased a number of the houses, as the old guard was passing on, and demolished them to build giant places that stuck out like sore thumbs. Several doors down one of these houses was actually some kind of powder pink paint job even.

    Since I am not from CO in any sense of the word, all I have/had to go on is those few trips - but that pink house wasn't the only one of its ilk. I do think it was the time of the housing bubble.

    Otherwise, I don't know any Californians personally and they generally don't find my home county here... so I guess by default the answer is "no difference in attitude" for here.

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    I lived in San Diego until I was 21 and now I'm in the Seattle/Tacoma area and have been for the past few years. Prior to moving, I heard that people up here hate Californians but I never encountered that. No one really cared where I used to live. The only thing that I did get made fun of when I first moved was saying "The 5" instead of "I-5." And some teasing questions about everyone surfing or living at the beach or being tan.

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    "....all surfer dudes" totally made me laugh. Few years back our shipper/receiver at work had to call in an order to a place in Santa Clara. The guy she talked to totally sounded like he had just smoked a reefer and kept replying with " 'kay babe" to her.

    Like wtf? We laughed about that one for a while.

    Anyways, Canadian here. We like every one :P

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    Lily Marie and Urban Forager - Sounds like you both are about the Mendocino area. I'm inland, but 3 hours north of Sacramento - probably a bit farther north than you as 3 hours on the 5, gets you farther than 3 hours on the 101...

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    I personally have no stereotypes about Californians, but I think that people who live in certain areas do tend to get treated a certain way. I grew up in NYC, and when I was in elementary school we had pen pals in Montana. Our teacher told us specifically to write about how we weren't in gangs and didn't do drugs, because that's what the Montana kids though of us because of where we were from. Then, as an adult, telling people I lived in NYC meant they assumed I was rich (not even close) and lived some kind of Sex and the City lifestyle (not even close). Now that I just moved to Buffalo, I don't have to deal with that so much, but it's been my experience that many people do have some preconceived notions based on geography, so I don't doubt that you're experiencing some weird stuff.

    BTW, I consider my dad to be scarily brilliant in many ways, but I'm positive he would disown me if I moved to Boston because of his political hatred of the Kennedys. So geography-biogtry can happen anywhere.

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    I am a CA native. I have not traveled a whole lot, but I have never experienced any bias. And even at 69 I still use slang from beatnik to Spanglish. OMG! Surf's up. Cool! Later dude. Hasta la vista baby.
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    Want to see a great reaction- travel internationally and see the difference in reception you get when you make the distinction you are from California instead of being just another American. I lived in Australia for a couple of years and can tell you the reception is much warmer to Californians there than to Americans.
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