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Thread: What areas of primal/paleo are you having the most difficulty with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aix_sponsa View Post
    Exercise... because I don't like getting sweaty. Ok, that sounds wussy enough to say it to shame me into exercise. Haha

    Me too. I hate sweating. I used to run and weight train, but that is about 30 years ago, and right now I am busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest....course that sounds like a lame excuse doesn't it.
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    I'm getting tired of my personal weight rollercoaster. I have been up and down in the same ten pound range for a year now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sceptic View Post
    Refusing free food.
    Lol! True for me too. Grok wouldn't turn down free food, but you yourself know that chances are it will be terrible for you.

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    Free food here, too. Hospital I work at is stocked with obese, half-dead people who consistently poison each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Czalmanoff View Post
    To be perfectly honest.... the hardest part of my journey has been listening to my husband complain about his belly and how unhealthy he feels and then turn around and eat a large bag of chips in one sitting at 11pm. Now, I'm not insensitive to his addiction to carbs, I've been there. I understand that he has not gotten to that place when enough is enough and you are driven to make a change. But, its a buzz kill to hear him lament about how tired he is on a daily basis, or grab his belly and say "look at this!" He was a competitive swimmer, and he dreams about having his lean body back. But that's just it, at this point it's only a dream.
    Yes yes yes. That's my partner. Complains about his health and blames me for serving so much meat and fat even though I actually serve steamed veggies and chicken or fish (I eat beef and pork for breakfast so he must be confusing me with him or something.) Complain complain complain all the time about his chest pains and his arthritis and then after I serve him a perfectly low-fat, heart-healthy meal out comes the bag of chips or the M&Ms. Or how about this weekend when he bought himself a big giant steak sandwich with a beer? I didn't have either one and instead went home and fixed a small piece of liver for myself. But oh yeah, I'm killing him with all my meat and fat.

    So you know what I did? I fixed him rice last night. There were moth larva in the bag with the rice. Didn't seem like there was any in the rice itself, but I felt a little devious cooking it up for him. I had cauliflower instead of rice. Whose the healthy one now?
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    Giving up Taco Tuesday at the local gastropub. They have some interesting combinations, sometimes that I just have to try, plus their crispy fish tacos from the regular menu are really good.

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    I used to have the great habit of chewing my food thoroughly...Now, I kinda rush through my chewing and swallow, which may be hurting my digestion.

    And am also having issues with my libido/hormones and having sensitivities that I've never had before.

    Can't complain though, I've healed a lot of my ailments and being Primal has changed my health and life for the best. Wouldn't change a thing! Once you've given up sugar for awhile (completely), the cravings go away and you no longer crave them. I could care less to eat sugar, even when my mother is downing a huge carton of frozen yogurt at Menchies in front of me. Bread no longer interests me, nor do carbs..Except for a sweet potato in butter or a Japanese yam in EVOO & garlic. Funny though, I went Primal so I could enjoy all these foods again without consquence, and now I just don't care for em. Keep trying! Don't give up!

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    My biggest problem is the lack of grains, which I know sounds stupid, but they used to be a big staple in my life. I am still eating crispy rice cereal (generic kind), and I know that it never fills me up yet I continue to down like a whole box in one day because it tastes so good to me with milk or half and half. I have also become a binge eater now since starting this way of life, with the binges being mostly junk food items. I am really trying hard not to binge, but everyday for the last month there seems to be some sort of trigger somewhere that puts me on the binge path. I am trying to figure out what that is. Does anyone care to share any advice on this? Also, I find it hard to do low level movement (i.e. walking) everyday outside of work because where I live it is all flat ground and corn fields, which is boring.

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    Sleep...I am lucky to get 6 hours most nights. I avg 4-5 hours right now. The lack of sleep obviously impacts other healthy aspects. My goal for august is to get 7 hours at least 3/4 days of the week. If I can accomplish that I would be good to go.

    Also eating sugary snacks. I have drastically cut down but still indulge in icecream most days.

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    Sleep - I tend to get 7hrs on average, and always wake up groggy

    Exercise - It's hard to get motivated to sprint or lift heavy things after walking home from work in this godawful heat

    Bonus: Inflammation - I'm allergic to cats, but live with two. I can tolerate it due to meds, but I wonder whether the exposure still provokes any systemic inflammation.

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