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Thread: What areas of primal/paleo are you having the most difficulty with?

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    Right now?

    Lack of hunger on ketosis. I'm eating less than 1000 calories a day right now and that can't possibly be good. But I'm just not hungry.

    Not getting enough sun. Can't really afford to go do anything right now so I'm just rotting indoors.

    Not really walking much lately. See above. I don't drive, so when I do go anywhere, I walk. But not going out and doing anything means I'm not walking.

    I'm still doing ass-kicking workouts 5 days a week, though, and my diet is clean. And I'm still losing weight. So I figure I'm probably ok. But I'm still not doing 100% perfect.

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    I'm not fond of sunlight. Daylight is fine, but sunlight is uncomfortable for me.

    Also, I'm still unable to do sprints because of pain from a sprain a few months ago. I can't believe how long it takes to heal fully as you get older.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aix_sponsa View Post
    Exercise... because I don't like getting sweaty. Ok, that sounds wussy enough to say it to shame me into exercise. Haha

    You're not alone on this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    Sleep. I only get 6-7 hours a night, mostly because of computer use right before I sleep.
    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    The other issue is a cranky non-paleo husband.
    Yup also having a hard time sometimes to fall asleep. And anti-paleo dad.
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    Refusing free food.

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    Working nights has messed with my ability to sleep (especially when I am awake "normal" hours on the weekends), which has killed my energy levels, which has kept me from lifting and sprinting. I need to break through being skinny-fat and I think I need LHT and HIIT to do that quickly.

    I know my lack of sleep isn't due to being Primal, it's just my challenge.
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    My biggest problem is getting my sleep dialed in.

    I usually get 6-7 hours, leaning heavily toward the 6, and feel like a zombie throughout the day. I go to bed around midnight, and have to get up no later than 7 to get ready, make it to my bus stop, and get to work on time. Once I'm in bed with the lights out I generally go to sleep pretty fast, but it's turning the light out that's the problem.

    I'm trying to do better. Went to bed at 10:30 last night and slept till 6:30. I feel great this morning, and had time to make breakfast and write this post - far better than rushing around in a panic. I just need to make it a habit.

    I don't have anything making this harder for me than my personality. I just hate going to bed - being awake is so much more interesting. Lame, I know. But what if I MISS something?!

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    For me it's sprinting and intermittent fasting. I do go long periods without eating and so maybe that counts, but it's not planned or scheduled into my routine. And the sprints get away from me, too.

    Sleep was a problem for a while, but it seems to be stabilizing. These days I get 7-8 hours several times a week which is an improvement. I supplement with melatonin sometimes, but it's not a nightly event.

    Meal size and hunger are also challenges. I have tried to eliminate snacking and have had some success, but I still do it and so I am always tweaking meal size. Problem is I don't like feeling stuffed and so making the meals larger has a downside. Ugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavequeen View Post
    wanting more meals that are quicker and easier to make when under financial and family stress that I have been this week. I don't always have the time to plan and cook enough food for 5 people, let alone the extra I have been making this week because of a family crisis.

    I was so tempted to order a pizza for dinner today as I was tired, hot and was so busy planning a funeral that I forgot my bp meds today but I pulled something together and it was good, on diet and cheaper. I have been eating a lots of fruit and nuts because that's the only thing that was available for me.
    Ding ding ding!! Yes. I was trying to think of what has been the hardest thing since starting and this it it exactly. It's been a little more stressful around the house and last week, I just did not want prep dinner at all. Oh how easy it would be to order a pizza. A pizza I wouldn't even eat. Sigh.......

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    To be perfectly honest.... the hardest part of my journey has been listening to my husband complain about his belly and how unhealthy he feels and then turn around and eat a large bag of chips in one sitting at 11pm. Now, I'm not insensitive to his addiction to carbs, I've been there. I understand that he has not gotten to that place when enough is enough and you are driven to make a change. But, its a buzz kill to hear him lament about how tired he is on a daily basis, or grab his belly and say "look at this!" He was a competitive swimmer, and he dreams about having his lean body back. But that's just it, at this point it's only a dream.

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