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Thread: Soaking up egg yolks

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    Quote Originally Posted by camel View Post
    Bacon is great for dipping in egg yolk! I also like steak with runny egg yolk.
    My faves

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    Sweet potatoes (baked first, then) browned in the pan between cooking the bacon and the eggs.

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    When I have fried eggs, I often eat all the whites first, carefully trimming it away from the yolk. Then I gently scoop the yolk up with my fork and pop it into my mouth whole. That way I don't risk losing a single precious drop of gooey nutritious goodnes!

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    Broccoli works great, squash too.

    My most favorite bkfast, brown onions, red peppers, broc & squash in ghee,
    Break 2 eggs over, lid on pan maybe 2 mins, org pepper, himalayan sea salt.
    Will keep u so satisfied with no hunger pains for at least 5 hrs.
    I eat this nearly every morning, 3 oz red grapefruit juice, multivitamin.

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    These are great ideas. I started just cooking them hard, since I wasnt sopping it up with toast anymore. And since I was counting every calorie, (yes I know, dont count but I do, I still need to) I didnt want to waste any so I thought I could get more mileage out of hard yolks
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatisyummy View Post
    Oooh, I like the salad idea. I always soft boil my eggs instead of hard boiling (btw, steamer basket is awesome for this).

    All good suggestions, even plate licking. :P
    Steamer basket?
    like the ones that come in the Black and Decker veggie steamer?
    that kind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jojohaligo View Post
    My tongue. I just lick the plate clean.

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    Egg yolks are GREAT on pasta...

    But now i just have them on a nice big piece of steak that was also basted in kerrygold

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    I use cheese to dip in. Raw cheddar works best at sopping the yolk up
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    Egg easy over on some fried sauerkraut!!

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