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Thread: Things you are glad to not eat anymore.

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    - Egg products instead of real eggs

    - Oatmeal and other "healthy" cereals

    - Dry-ass chicken breasts

    - Low-fat anything

    - Flavorless canola oil and similar frankenoil products

    - Takeout pizza, not because I don't like it, but I don't miss the "gross" feeling after eating half of one in one sitting.

    - Milk chocolate, it tastes gross to me now in comparison to dark

    - Processed pasta products (e.g. ramen noodles, hamburger helper)

    - Canned soup (I prefer homemade soups & stews now)

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    Anything produced by Weight Watchers. It all tasted vaguely of sweetened cardboard and just made me crave real sugar. Tofu/Veggie burgers. Anything low-fat. Margarine, spray margarine - seriously I cannot believe I went there - Sugar-free things (like candy/mints with the "May cause anal leakage" warnings on the back - that should have been my first clue.) and those low-fat potato chips with Olestra in them (same warning as the sugar free stuff)

    My go to snack when my Mom and I did WW years ago was a caramel rice cake with a thin layer of Peanut Butter and a drizzle of sugar free Hershey's Syrup. If I never eat that again as long as I live it'll be too soon.

    So glad all of that is behind me!
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    • those 'slimfast' shakes and meal-replacement powders that taste like ass in a glass
    • skim milk & powdered non-fat milk...see above
    • "Miracle Whip" and anything that came into contact with it (Oscar Mayer, I'm talking to YOU)
    • twinkies, hohos, and anything filled with that white trans-fat 'foo' whose half-life is on par with styrofoam and cobalt-60
    • "baked" tortilla chips, potato chips, etc. Served with molten nonfat Velveeta at Primal cheat parties in the third circle of Hell.
    • fake non-fat salad dressings with that awful syrupy glycerine consistency...I keep a gallon in my trunk for catastrophic radiator leaks
    • tofu & "textured vegetable protein" -- never again will still be too soon
    • overpriced condiments stuffed with hfcs and chemicals that taste like runoff from a Superfund site
    • fat-free "fruit-at-the-bottom" yogurt with that weird chalky layer overlying a rubbery mass of ex-strawberries embalmed in corn syrup
    • jar salsa & picante from the Midwest, which is inexplicably adulterated with cornstarch(!)
    • The jif, wonderbread and grape ooze sandwiches that were always next up after morning Wheaties for little champions with choosy moms.
    • iron filings and used motor oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by labmonkey View Post
    Hell yeah!! Dry, dry, dry. Yes, even when cook right. Gag. Chicken breast is just a vessel for sauces. I have very few uses for it these days. If hubby doesn't consume it (with gravy..haha) then I save it for soup. The other day we made shellless chicken enchiladas and threw it on steak fries. Not bad but, still have boat load left over.
    Ok I do like to saute chicken breast cut up in bite size pieces in coconut oil til brown and put on top of my salad.

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    Happy that I'm no longer eating any kind of fake processed food especially anything low fat. Also brown rice. Now if I splurge on a little rice it's white.

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    I am happy not to eat rice anymore when I go to the indian buffet. I can fill up on chicken tikka masala instead of bland empty carbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravyboat View Post
    I am happy not to eat rice anymore when I go to the indian buffet. I can fill up on chicken tikka masala instead of bland empty carbs.
    I'm glad pre-primal that I never ate fillers. Sushi buffets? I'd just eat the fish only. Chinese buffets? Gorge on crab legs. I'm chang, and I will get my money's worth if it means that I don't get to eat chow mein or white rice at said buffets

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    Pasta. Especially the whole wheat stuff. Yuck. Now I order all protein at Olive Garden and smile when I can finish my steak and veggies while my company has 4 bites of their pasta and are full, only to be hungry an hour later!

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    Food generally!! I.e. being able to fast without discomfort. It's so convenient for those awkward moments when you don't have access to primal food, and I get so much more done, when I don't have to stop to eat or get that pre-lunch moodiness. The metabolism of a low-carb primal eater is so radically different to a SAD eater, it's impossible to convince my OH that I'm genuinely not bothered if I have to skip an offered treat!

    I mostly ate proper food before, like full-fat stuff and plenty of meat and fish. I never really used to force myself to eat stuff I didn't like, although noodles did get a bit boring whenever I was broke! I'm one of those strange people who genuinely used like the taste of muesli and granary bread. Now I'm simply a strange person who likes the taste of salad veggies!
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    Lean cuisine. I always had to add a ton of spices because, let's be honest they don't taste like much. Also, I've had mild food illness (vomiting) twice a few hours after eating a lean cuisine. Blech.

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