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Thread: What is the best workout supplement to build muscle quickly and burn fat?

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    +1 on many of the responses.

    Eat lots of quality foods e.g. steak, whole eggs and vegetables.

    Base strength workouts around:
    1. Squats for your leg routine
    2. Deadlifts and chin ups for your upper body pulling
    3. Bench press for your upper body pushing

    As far as supplements go I use creatine monohydrate ...... maybe some whey protein concentrate if I am protein deficient.

    Best of luck
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    There's no need for BCAA's. If you eat a good amount of whole, Primal protein sources you don't need to waste any money on it. It's better spent on some good steaks.
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    Eat allot of good food. at your age you need to spend the next five years building as much muscle as possible. Don't worry about burning fat build muscle. You will regret not taking advantage of your full potential otherwise.
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    Don't mess with workout supplements... You don't know what's in them...

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    You may want to try cycling creatine monohydrate though.

    It's cheap, legal, no side effects, and works for a significant percentage of the population. Load 20g/day for a week, then maintinance of 5g a day. Some people respond well, others notice little performance gain. Robb Wolf discusses it in a few of his podcasts, and endorses its use, FWIW.

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    Fish is an overlooked food source of good protein.

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    Gallon of milk a day. Don't overthink it, just eat.
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