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Thread: Absolute least Primal thing you've ever eaten?

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    Shop Now whip....magarine...but not all mixed

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    [QUOTE=justyouraveragecavemen;899409]Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies, I ate them by the freaking box full. QUOTE]

    2nd that. I used to eat entire boxes of King Dons(similar to Ding Dongs) & Little Debbies when I was a kid, ate 'em til I groaned. Once I ate 13 hard boiled eggs as a kid, on a dare from my older brother, & I retched all over the hallway carpet. Thought my eyes were going to come out! I was off eggs for more than a couple of months, lol. Prime example of: too much of a good thing...

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    Jos Louis pre-primal

    Popcorn post primal (I gave into all that butter and salt)

    and a please/thank you portion of cake that they bought me at work when I was transferred.
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    two whole box of doughnuts.
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    doughnuts...both before and after. i can't imagine a more un-primal food than wheat, fried in vegetable oils, and then covered in sugar. i suppose those oatmeal cream pies come pretty close.

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    hhhmmm... Perhaps a fluff & nutella sandwich, pre-primal? I ate lots of fake foods, though, so I'm sure I can come up with worse. Maybe Skyline's 5-way chili(w/ beans, onions, & cheese, over spegghetti). Only instance I can think of combining legumes and gluten. Except in fluffernutter sandwhichs, now that I think of it...

    Post-Primal? Pizza, once. Big mistake. That, or poutine.

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    Once when I was very young (we're talking about 3-4 years old) I ate a whole funnel fake and threw up everywhere at a fair. I haven't had one since, but it was so traumatic an experience I remember it vividly even at that age. To this day, the image of a funnel cake makes me sick.

    It's wheat flour deep fried in vegetable shortening and coated in powdered sugar. I don't think anything in the world exists that is less Primal.

    Well, perhaps this one meal I ate around 2 years ago at a vegetarian Chinese restaurant. I had a Hindu friend that was strictly vegetarian and this place was his choice for his birthday. Anyway, the dinner was gluten molded into chicken wing shapes, then deep fried. DISGUSTING. The whole meal was so horrible I could hardly eat any of it. One person ordered pseudo-General Tso's Chicken and I just ate all the broccoli on the plate. This was pre-Primal. Horrible, horrible, worst meal of my life. It stunned me that there were no vegetable meals at all on the entire menu of a vegetarian restaurant. There was simply soy and gluten molded into fake meat. Vegetables only came as sides in the form of steamed broccoli and the like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justyouraveragecavemen View Post
    Yeah and it had a 40 on the health score-o-meter. Kind of makes me curious to know what's less of a food.
    And under that it had a box that said "The Bad News- This product contains added sugars and Controversial ingredients"
    As if THOSE were the only problems in that snack.
    Wow... and..
    Yes, of course I've eaten them... I'm from the south, its like a requirement.
    As well as the Cream Pie's chocolate counterpart... the Fudge Round!

    I'm glad I never ate that stuff often. Yikes.
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    Pre-primal: The pure protein protein bars. I thought those were kind of good, but then I'd eat like 10 of them in one sitting and feel gross afterward. Ugh, I don't want to look at what were the ingredients in those. I am also guilty of eating lots of packaged ramen, though I liked the kimchi flavored Korean ones a bit more.

    During primal: When I was weaning myself onto it, either BP coffee abuse or more-than-necessary amount of nuts (I still am guilty of the latter )

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    as a child... a white bread, american cheese & steak sauce sandwich with fruit loops on the side
    yeah you are

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