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Thread: i bought an already peeled fresh young coconut . can i just eat it raw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    The flesh is called "coconut meat."
    The liquid inside is called "coconut water."
    When you put the raw flesh into a blender and puree it into a liquid, you get "coconut milk."
    When you dehydrate the flesh to remove water content and then put it into a blender, you get "coconut butter."

    Just in case you want to find out the nutritional value of each, those are the terms you want to use. I'm pretty sure I'm right.
    Good summary, and it makes such a difference if you are tracking macronutrients.

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    even tho i saw this post way too late yes u can. my brother and i used to eat them raw all the time on our old beach holidays down in Bowen, Queensland. We used to stay at Rose Bay resort in a unit right on the beach. they had coconut palms and a coconut spike and we used to peel, bust em open, drink the water and then eat the flesh (scraping it off with our teeth). yummy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambchop View Post
    Good summary, and it makes such a difference if you are tracking macronutrients.
    Also, just as a side note... the meat of a young green coconut and of an older ripe coconut are very different.
    In a young green coconut the "meat" is softer, sometimes very soft in parts, almost jelly like even.
    In a ripe coconut of course the meat is firm and dryer... like we are used to seeing in packages.
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