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Thread: Guys, do ketones disable your penis?

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    Meh, loss of boners is a small price to pay when you resist the evil that is carbohydrate, am I right?
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    My libido has INCREASED if anything. Probably has to do with all of those wonderful, testosterone-producing saturated fats I have been scarfing down as of late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumroll View Post
    My libido has INCREASED if anything. Probably has to do with all of those wonderful, testosterone-producing saturated fats I have been scarfing down as of late.
    Drumroll, I have to agree with you, eating lots of meat, eggs & fermented dairy ought to fuel the procreative fires. No loss of sex drive for me. Unless I consider approaching being 47 soon, in 9 more days, instead of my studly version of me at ages of 37 or 27 .

    Daily salads &/or steamed veggies. I do enjoy fruit especially this time of the year, & on again off again w/ smoothies w/ 1/2 banana, coco milk, cocoa powder, + the occasional sweet potato. So I'm moderate on carbs, not low carb at all.

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    My sex drive has been pretty flat for years, no matter whether I've been high or low carb, primal or otherwise,
    but then so has my energy levels in general.

    The bonus that I have noticed, on an energy levels front, is that I don't have the dizzy spells and crashes if I don't eat for a few hours when I used to get weak from hunger (pre-primal).

    But, I certainly haven't seen a return to the boundless energy reserves or sex-drive that I used to have as a teen.
    I've always put it down to just being stressed from work etc..

    However, I have noticed an increase libido recently since I've been supplementing with 30mg of zinc and some magnesium before going to bed. The old morning glory is certainly more frequent again

    I'm planning on having a full medical in the next couple of months and was thinking of asking for my testosterone levels to be tested, not sure what else could be causing it...
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    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least

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    Do ketones disable your penis?
    Funny question. But I'd certainly not advise soaking it in them and then playing with matches.

    At temperatures greater than acetone's flash point of −20 C air mixtures of between 2.5% and 12.8% acetone, by volume, may explode or cause a flash fire.
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    Not here. If anything it has put more lead in my pencil since I started eating Primal.


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    I don't know about VLC, which has always worried me anyway, but it was my understanding that a high carb diet lowered testosterone.

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    Lol....I get half mast when the wind blows right (when on VLC). So I'm gonna go with no. You may proceed with suicidal thoughts now.
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    VLC for more than a few days makes me sad and grumpy. Sad and grumpy in the big head makes the little head sad and grumpy too

    Dude, go eat some carbs!

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    VLC can lead to depressed thyroid over time, which lowers your body temperature, your energy level, and your libido. It's actually very common for people who have been in ketosis for any length of time to experience these symptoms to varying degrees. This forum is not the best place to look for this information because it is highly self-selected for VLC advocacy and tends to become an echo chamber for low-carb talking points. If you google around on non-low-carb sites you will find this talked about frequently.

    Rita, some people claim that low-carb high-fat increases T, some people claim starch increases T. Bodybuilders usually eat tons of starch.

    Personally I think most people need plenty of all of the above for optimal function, and cutting out a macronutrient class is misguided.
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