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Thread: Paleo diet is uncivilised

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnbu1981 View Post
    "The Paleo Diet consists mainly of meat, poultry, shellfish, fish, and eggs; non-starchy orange, green, and yellow vegetables; and fruits and nuts. This approach forbids starches, including all grains, legumes, and potatoes."

    Okay so now we are limited to only orange green and yellow veggies...I like eggplant, I guess I can't eat it anymore.

    It also appears I can no longer eat starch...bye bye yuca, yams, and potatoes.

    I guess I should cut cauliflower out of my diet too, if I want to call what I eat Paleo.

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    They got quite a few things mixed up, starting with the fact that sweet potato and starchy veggies ARE primal.

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