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Thread: Anyone else tired of hearing about the latest paleo frankenfoods?

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    hahaaha. Faileo!! I love it.

    Yeah, since I stared this in February, I just could not understand the bread, muffin, etc substitutes either. I did make the odd thing for my daughter using coconut flour but, she never liked it so I either buy her gluten free treats or steer her towards fruit. (She's 3 and a vegetarian . The only animal products she will eat is dairy. And she's picky about that too! I blame her father. lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I'm sorry but I don't see that many recipes on the Nutrition forum so I have no idea what your big issue is. One silly topic about it once in a while isn't a big deal. Just don't read the stuff that's not interesting to you.
    Hope you'll excuse my snark for the well-meant observation I intend it to be, but why not take your own advice here? If this isn't interesting to you why bother reading it or replying? Goes both ways, kwim?

    For me +100% on not getting faileo (and count me in as also a new fan of this word).
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    its funny, the point of paleo/primal is to eat small amounts of nuts. making a bread with nuts doesnt make it ''paleo friendly'' because it's made of allowed ingredients; it's not paleo because of how much of the "friendly" ingredients are in it.

    but..............i used to do the same thing when i was a raw vegan. raw vegan lasagna, raw vegan calzones, pizza crusts etc
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    I used to do GF/SF blueberry muffins. Funny thing is my Mom, who is a pasta eating Italian lady, and therefore not down with this at all, is HOOKED on them. I don't even really make them for me anymore, just for her. It's too much of a pain in the butt for all that stuff. Just give me a giant salad or some steak and I'm good to go.

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    The one that gets me is the post from a person who simply can't lose weight no matter what as they say but every time I turn around that same poster is making some kind of baked goods!! One post after another about cookies, cakes etc. Sometimes you just have to say it like it is. If you want to lose fat, you've got to get away from that crap! It's NOT working for you!! What is more important? Eating sweet junk or being healthy and feeling great?

    Oh and this isn't singling anyone out here. There have been many that fit this description in one form or another. Also to be clear, what someone eats is of no concern to me at the end of the day. But if results aren't forthcoming and you keep doing the same thing, its hard to feel too badly for that person. We all have the ultimate say in what passes our lips. There is nothing anyone else can do to make you eat anything.

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    Totally agree. It's all bull. It's like, "I can't eat the menu plan, so I'm going to make up my own food".....what's the point?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JennaRose View Post
    but..............i used to do the same thing when i was a raw vegan. raw vegan lasagna, raw vegan calzones, pizza crusts etc
    Back when I still worked on the marketing team for one of the Virginia Whole Foods Markets we had a raw food guru come do a class where he touted the benefits of eating raw and prepared different raw foods for people to try.

    The one I remember most was the raw Pizzas. Smear raw almond butter (made from unroasted almonds) across the face of a raw portabello mushroom. This was supposed to taste like pizza. After the class he asked me how I liked it, trying to get me to admit it really tasted like pizza. I just shook my head and told him I'd have to be away from pizza a really really long time before I could even begin to convince myself that that tasted anything like pizza.

    And this guy is a New Yorker.

    It was like being in the presence of pure unfiltered blasphemy.

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    Can't help it, had to google~ Are YOU on the Faileo Diet? Love it!

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    I think something that took me by surprise was the various definitions people used to describe their way of eating. MDA is primal but not paleo for starters... I was too slow realizing that. And then there is a lot of diversity inside what people consider primal. And then there is diversity in what people consider paleo. So some eat rice, some eat dairy, some eat loooads of nuts in the form of flour and baked goods. I even read of an article where paleo meant cannibalism to one mis-informed writer that was trying to attack the "diet." Hope no recipes pop up in that direction!

    But anytime I see people eating stuff that isn't what I consider paleo (and I'm a strict textbook paleoist), I just consider them part-timers for the sake of not distracting myself with all the other foods. The SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) says there is no 80/20 SCD. Either you eat SCD or you don't. You can't eat SCD + rice. It no longer becomes SCD. So maybe I'll take that stand with paleo for myself at least. Anything short of strict paleo makes me feel like sick bloated flub. Why? Because it isn't paleo.
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    at the beginning i was hopeful for a bread substitute as i'm a sandwich person. lettuce wraps left a bitter after taste, meat and cheese roll ups left my fingers greasy, etc etc

    so i tried the alternabread route and it was never the same. grainy (almond meal) or nutty (almond meal) or eggy (sweet omelets, egg bread is not good and so on). so i gave up

    i gave up *sobs*

    so when i see a recipe that says 'just like bread!' i know it's all a lie
    yeah you are

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