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Thread: I am considering going full-on Paleo

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    To the OP - sorry, I was just taking a stab at paleobird for her repeated posts bickering back and forth with people. Just a pet peeve of mine. I try real hard to stay out of flame wars, but sometimes you just want to say SHUT UP, but that would result in another wasted post and a witty retort. Sorry for the hijack. i'm done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    What worried me about the milk was the description of the growth and other hormones and how they get into our bloodstream and are close enough to our own hormones that they both have a hormonal effect on us and also that they are just foreign enough that they can trigger auto-immune responses. I figure I live in a polluted enough world that I don't need any more endocrine disruptors if I can help it.

    Spot on for me - I've been doing an experiment for 6 months now - one month on dairy, one month off.

    Had to do it for so long JUST to see if it was REALLY the dairy and not my old lady hormones.

    So, the results - with dairy, just 2oz of milk and 1tbsp of heavy cream in my coffee, 1 cup per day = stuffed
    up nose and buckets of snot down the back of my throat. Had to use "12hr Nasal Spray" FOUR times a
    day, only resulting in ONE nostril UNplugged. Lame. OH! and the SNEEZING was absolutely BEYOND
    effing ridiculous. Like 30 times a day. I'm serious. My husband would say "jesus, you getting sick or

    The other thing, which, I know you don't have to worry about Red Death every month anymore, but I do,
    and when I have JUST that little bit of dairy per day - period would be on day 18, or sometimes, if I was
    super duper lucky, I got it TWICE a month, for SEVEN DAYS EACH.

    So bye-bye milk, bye-bye cream..... I still have my coffee, but I've learned to like the thick canned coconut
    milk in it..... so, well, I guess yeah for me..... but I do miss the flavor of the dairy.

    If I could get my hands on some of that A2 stuff, I'd do another 2 month experiment fo' shizzle.


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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    To the OP - sorry, I was just taking a stab at paleobird for her repeated posts bickering back and forth with people. Just a pet peeve of mine. I try real hard to stay out of flame wars, but sometimes you just want to say SHUT UP, but that would result in another wasted post and a witty retort. Sorry for the hijack. i'm done.
    Sounds like you were being a dick.
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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    Lemon peel is always served with espresso in Italy. It is a really good taste combo.
    We just add lemon slices. I can't remember off hand now which nation claims it as traditional.... I am sure lime will be great as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabbcakes View Post
    Hi sbhikes!

    As far milk and nasal stuff goes - all four of mine couldn't take the stuff as kids. Two remain intolerant, one is tolerant as long as she doesn't overdo it, and the last one hasn't shown problems beyond the age of six, but is picky as to what kind of dairy she will eat, so she doesn't get too much anyway.

    In my little experience, with my own kids and watching the hordes we come into contact with, almost all those kids with ENT issues, especially recurrent ear infections, respond very well to eliminating milk. At least, all those whose mothers weren't too afraid their darling would starve to death or suffer irreparable harm by doing a 30-day strict dairy-free challenge.

    In my one still-intolerant kid, she has the slow-pathway allergy to dairy. She doesn't get hives - she gets horrible congestion from the sinuses through to the lungs. In the other still-intolerant kid, she has leaky gut.

    I think it is worth it to do the challenge. Sorry about the coffee - I don't drink it, so I can't help you there.
    Oh man, bring back those childhood memories. My very young childhood was full of ENT issues, hives and I was not allowed to eat bread or cheese. I guess I wasn't allergic to gluten or lactose, but to mold and yeast. But that's all from memory, I could be wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by jammies View Post
    Coffee is really the thing that keeps letting dairy sneak back in for me.
    Yeah, me, too. Coffee is really the main source of dairy. That and the once in a while nights where we don't feel like cooking so we just lay out a bunch of cheeses and olives and dried fruit and meats and things and nibble.

    I'm going to do my best but there's no guarantees I will be able to pull off the no dairy thing. I really would like to know if I could quit the constant hacking and sniffing. It occurred to me that maybe I could blend my coffee with an egg yolk. That should be good. Still no answer for the coffee cart coffee.
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    I have recently begun a challenge to do 30 days of quite strict paleo (I'm on day 5) and while the results haven't been overwhelming yet, which is to be expected, I think that I can feel some effects, especially on my blood sugar and hunger levels. If you decide to start, you should try to set yourself a fixed time horizon. Then you can always decide for yourself whether you want to continue afterwards - having the fixed horizon seems to make it easier to stick to the diet, I believe.

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    Check out this link on the difference between A1 vs. A2 casein:

    I gave up gluten and dairy about 5 years ago, when the results of a stool test showed extremely high levels of antibodies against gluten and dairy, indicating my immune system was actively engaged in the digestion process. I continued to eat legumes, PUFAs, high levels of SFAs, and refined MS symptoms were mild, but still occuring, which is what led me on a continued dietary search....
    That led me to the Swank diet, which basically allows you to eat any kind of grains, sugars, and PUFAs are ok, but SFAs are the big devil - I had to keep under 15grams/day. In practice, I kept my saturated fat under 5grams most days, but did not eat any gluten, dairy or legumes. My MS symptoms did not return while eating this way, and I later discovered that my way of eating was basically the paleo diet.

    I have been VERY CAUTIOUSLY increasing my saturated fat in the last months, so now I'm more primal than paleo, but still no dairy. Honestly, I'm really on the fence about that one. I can appreciate that fermented and raw dairy has some amazing benefits, but when I think about how unnatural consuming it is, I just can't accept that we are meant to consume it. I wouldn't consume breastmilk from a human, so I'm not sure why it's different if it comes from a different species. That being said, I totally get why other people consume it; the taste and texture are amazing.

    So, I think I'm on the fence about paleo vs. Primal, too. I think that overall, I'm healthier having more quality saturated fat in my diet, but unfortunately that has also meant gaining fat; I can only lose fat if I eat low fat, regardless of carb and calorie levels.
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    I say go for it.

    For me, dairy (in the form of cheese and ice cream) is a rare treat. I do consume butter about 1-2x week, which I note doesn't cause any issues for me. But, I did make my eggs in bacon fat the other day, and then again in some duck fat -- since I was out of butter anyway -- and that worked nicely so I might switch over. (Just as long as it isn't coconut oil. I don't know how people cook with that stuff unless they are making thai, in which case, it makes sense flavor-wise.)

    Already grain and legume free, so that's easy enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BestBetter View Post
    my immune system was actively engaged in the digestion process
    See, that's exactly the kind of thing I want to avoid. I suppose your immune system always has something to do with the foreign bodies you incorporate into your own, but anything over and above what it ought to be, would be ideally avoided.

    I have no idea if my body reacts like that to milk or not. I am northern European so I have a long history of milk consumption one way or another. Loren Cordain seems to think that bad things happen to everybody who drinks milk. Even if the milk itself doesn't cause an immediate issue, I guess it weakens the gut so that other foods could cause problems. I really don't want that. I've noticed little autoimmune things at my age. A touch of arthritis in my fingers, frozen shoulder that went away, for instance.

    We shall see if it is worth it. I managed to get through the day so far without any dairy and next week I am going on a trip so that should make it somewhat easier as I will be in the wilderness with all my food on my back, none of which is dairy.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I think we should have sodas and ice cream while soaking in our ice baths. Wouldn't that be fun? I really think we have found the next Jack Kruse in this Peat character. I wonder how long this one will take to run its course.
    Lol (even though I'm guilty of continuing that thread )

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