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Thread: How to take care of your teeth?

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    Alright, I'll need you to grab the Coconut oil and pay for my plane ticket out there...

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    There's always the Rolly (aka the chewtoy for Humans)....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DashFire View Post
    The roomie and I biked over to an Islamic Bookstore today. (FYI - my first time biking in over a decade. No wrecks, so that's good. Though think I overdid it with 9 miles round trip.)

    Not only did they have Miswak, they had three different options. So I bought them all. Both in the store and looking around online, it appears the going price for a piece of Miswak is $1. If you're paying more, you probably shouldn't.

    [L-R: Altaiba, Al-Falah, Haleemi]

    The Al-Falah & Haleemi brands were $1 each and the Altaiba was $2.25, as it also came with a holder. The Haleemi (far right) was positively huge by comparison (about 7.5" long and thick as a highlighter). Can't really imagine brushing with this beast. Maybe at still only $1 it's the "discount" brand of Miswak (that's a thing right?).

    [My Altaiba Miswak after first use.]

    When I opened the miswak, it was kind of a pungent smell. But once I cut about 1/2" off the bark, rinsed it off and started chewing to get it all bristley, it was fine -- kind of a mild earthy, maybe slightly gingery, taste. Had just eaten dinner, so went ahead and brushed with it. Was a bit awkward at first, and struggled to get the back of my bottom front teeth. Might need to cut it back further to allow for more bristle length. But overall, felt like I hit everything. Wasn't sure whether I needed to rinse my mouth after or not, but since it felt like I had a couple loose bristles in my mouth, I went ahead and did so, then rinsed the miswak off. My teeth definitely feel clean. Plan on using it exclusively this week instead of toothbrush & paste, so will report back for sure.

    The Al-Falah brand is purchasable via (only $1/ea in a 3 or 5 pack) and haven't seen the other two online, but there are other available brands easily found via the Google machine.
    Good job, Dash. I'm sure once you feel the benefits you will be forever a miswak man. One thing; there's no need to rinse the mouth or even spit out the bark, it's up to you.

    @Paleobird, cleaning one's teeth with a piece of wood has gotta be primal, no?
    All the best!


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    Quote Originally Posted by pdjesson View Post
    @Paleobird, cleaning one's teeth with a piece of wood has gotta be primal, no?
    I didn't say it wasn't, just that they looked like dog chews.

    Technology is not a bad thing. Just because Grok didn't have electric toothbrushes doesn't make them unhealthy.

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    I think oil pulling removing toxins has to do with people who have root canals that are infected.

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    In my mind I brush them without toothpaste every day. In reality I forget the brushing and then bash them into the pavement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    \Technology is not a bad thing. Just because Grok didn't have electric toothbrushes doesn't make them unhealthy.
    I generally believe electric toothbrushes are! One dentist told me to get one, so I did. I used the softest bristled head I could find. The next dentist I saw about 6 months later said my teeth were scratched and damaged from it. They just seem like overkill to me.
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    i have been swishing w/ sesame oil (coconut oil just seemed too repulsive) for 4 months, daily for 20 minutes each AM. Just went yesterday for my 4 month checkup - i have to go that regularly for cleaning b/c i have incredibly fast buildup of tartar. I didn't tell the cleaner that i'd be doing anything different. I brush w/ a regular toothbrush & tom's toothpaste & floss daily, in addition to the swishing.

    unfortunately, the tartar buildup was just about the same BUT she did remark that my gums were VERY healthy, which had been another problem in the past. And she noted that there was a lot less buildup in particular areas. So, i do think that the daily swishing w/ the oil is doing something. Maybe i'll have a better report in 4mos. This tartar buildup drives me nuts!

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    Just discovered this product:

    OraWellness. Natural & Organic Solutions to Gum Disease, Bleeding Gums, Periodontitis and Bad Breath - Your Source for Oral Wellness

    via a podcast:

    Traditional Skills, Bushcraft, Homesteading, and other useful skills

    and ordered a bottle.

    Will let y'all know what I think once I've used it for a while.

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