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Thread: Been vegetarian for 7 years, adding meat

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    What ill effects did you have AT? I just switched back too - and also dove right in. Ate fish, sushi, ostrich burger, beef burger, meat ball, bacon - all in one week! Not sure it's been the right decision...
    Right after I started eating meat again, I had bouts of severe constipation. It lasted for a few days after each time I ate read meat that was cooked "well". I don't eat read meat or pink flesh fishes cooked well anymore due to this problem. Medium well is my thing now.

    I'm also super cautious about my frying meats as well. Mostly this is because of an instance I had with some Primal fried chicken I made shortly after going Primal. I didn't have any coconut oil, lard or anything decent so I used some canola oil I had in the cupboard. BAD idea. About 1/2 hour after I ate, it was bathroom city....for about 12 hours.

    Hope that isn't tmi for y'all.

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    Just 1 simple question, how did you manage to not eat meat for 7 long years?

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