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    Quote Originally Posted by not on the rug View Post
    do you do pushup variations? do they bother your shoulders?
    believe it or not, yes pushups bother my shoulders. i know - something is funky. it aint normal. upright rows and muscle ups bother them too.

    but, and here's the weird part - military press and dips are no problem! go figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakey View Post
    believe it or not, yes pushups bother my shoulders. i know - something is funky. it aint normal. upright rows and muscle ups bother them too.

    but, and here's the weird part - military press and dips are no problem! go figure.
    that is pretty weird actually. a lot of people have problems with heavy presses, but can do lighter ones or pushups with no problems. something is definitely funky.

    i actually have a history of shoulder tendonitis when i start to go really heavy, so i never go below 6 reps for shoulder presses, and not below 4-5 on bench presses. that usually keeps me safe.

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    I am not against bench pressing but it agreates my shoulder.
    I do dips or pushups (getting closer to one armed ones). As paul wade pointed out in CC if you were to push a car or a rock your arms would be in a closer body position (more like a pushup up) than a bench press position. Not to mention if you were to move that rock you would be pushing with your legs.
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    I think bench is bogus... I have a friend who can bench 300Kg+. But I bet you a weeks pay I can do more chin ups than he can.

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    I can agree that the bench press doesn't do much for you. I stopped benching when I hurt my shoulder snowboarding this winter. I do a lot of push-ups, dips, and just about any other exercise (other than bench press) and I would say mt chest looks better now than when I was repping out bench press with 315 lbs. I think that the pull-ups and deadlifts along with OH Presses, wall balls, and KB swings have balanced out my back, shoulders, and posture thus develpoing the shape of my chest better. I think my pecs look wider and more defined now more than ever. I guess that is my two cents on that.
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    Most folks I've been around who rally against bench press are not good at it, to be frank. To the folks in the thread who say it is "useless" or "doesn't do much", you are being overly dramatic.

    Although you guys are correct in that it isn't essential, nor required, it can be used with great effectiveness as an anchor movement in a properly designed upper body split. Not many upper body movements involve as many muscle groups so there is a great bang for your buck value associated with the movement.

    Out of curiosity, do the folks who criticize bench press feel the same between barbell and dumbbell variations? How about incline versus flat?

    p.s. how much do you guys bench?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StackingPlates View Post
    p.s. how much do you guys bench?
    SO AWESOME that you ended with that!

    Actually bench was always my "bench mark". I was quite strong at it (160lbs lifting 325 1RM at one point)...even after surgery to reattach my left pec tendon following that bad day at the gym.

    But, following that surgery and as I get stronger once again I'm wondering to myself "why"? I'm not a bodybuilder and there really is no functional precedent for building huge pecs. Legs and glutes? Sure....OH press, yup. Any pull maneuver....obviously. Bench press....huh? I'd say dips make more sense as does steep incline press than the flat bench.

    Listen, I know that when I benched it was likely a decade plus of improper form (the BB bench) that likely led to my ruptured tendon but that just started the thought process. Seems most people who have trouble with it also have shoulder issues like myself.

    That and Jakey.....two x-wrestlers. That sport is really rough on the shoulders.

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    Depends on who you are and what you're doing, pecs are required and fully functional for what I need.
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    Yeah, I've been reflecting on this a little recently and agree, so much emphasis on bench is overrated. I would also put too much work on 'guns'/biceps in the same category. Is this blasphemous? You tell me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    SO AWESOME that you ended with that!
    I did that just for you, ya know

    Well your post kind of supported what I was talking about. If you had a previous injury that could be potentially re-injured by the movement then I completely agree with your thought process in avoiding it as there are many other complimentary chest movements to take its place.

    As far as its function not making sense. Well, everything in context right? One could follow that same logic and make cases against just about every bodybuilding lift in existence. If it doesn't fit your goals then there is no harm in avoiding I said earlier, I just feel it is one of the best "bang for your buck" movements as it hits so many distinct muscle groups. There is also no rule that mandates performing functional sets at near 1RM...lighter weights with deep range of motion can potentially be used as a great way to build up confidence in your tendon...

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