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Thread: Grokette went braless, should us lady PBers go too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeltaTenTango View Post
    Grokette wouldn't have worn a shirt. C'mon gals...
    Yep, I think we should all just go off into the woods with Diana and hang out nekkid. We don't have any woods for that around here but we do have a nude beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    I go braless at 34C (i think that's my size anyway, I haven't worn a bra in over 3 years now).

    I do have a 'shelf bra' in my tank tops, but it's not exactly "supportive." I just like having a second layer of fabric there.
    I wear a lot of those tops too. Victoria's has a whole line of them and dresses with the built in shelf bra too.

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    It's too cold to go topless here, but in a warm locale, i'm all over it.

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    No science here, just my personal view. i generally try to do/use things that are as natural as possible, but I've learned that I've got to choose my battles (with myself). For example, I tried the no shampoo thing, and my hair NEVER acclimated to it. Sure, I bet Grok wouldn't have used shampoo, but I live in modern times where having chronically greasy-looking hair is really not acceptable. So, I compromise and use a shampoo with no SLS, and I try to only use it 2-3 times per week. Same thing with body care things - I try not to use anything on my skin that I wouldn't feel ok about consuming, because i know that skin absorbs whatever you put on it. Cleaning products, ditto.

    But sometimes I just have to accept that I'm not living in the woods with a crew of cavemen. I want to both be healthy and look good. And i do not look good without a bra. And I really can't justify going without one just to be more natural, in the way I can justify using baking soda to brush my teeth, or coconut oil on my skin. In my mind, those kinds of choices matter a lot more.

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    No way, my breasts are too big. It gets all sweaty and yucky if I do that, and I can't move comfortably either cause they hurt when they sway.

    Grokette probably had smaller breasts than me. At least I hope so for her.

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    Mine are far too protruding and weight loss doesn't help a bit! So i keep my bra.
    I understand your question though, and the search for soft supporting bras can be hard, but not impossible. They are dang expensive too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taggy G View Post
    Yeah, I have H's too....And yeah, horseback riding braless.....hell no lol! Thanks though, it's not often I get to talk to another with huge mams. It really does suck.
    The funny thing is that I used to weigh over 200 lbs and I was a 42DD. Then I lost weight, but my boobs haven't shrunk at all, as noted by the fact that I've gone down in the band size a lot but gone UP in the cup size. I'm like "I'd be happy with a DDD, world, hint hint."

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    I like wearing a bra... I look a hell of a lot better and it is more comfortable for me than braless. I am not concerned about cancer. ANd well, go no further than National Geographic- those women don't wear bras and it doesn't appear that braless keeps them perky.

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    I wear them well-fitted but also avoid wearing them as much as impossible cos even a good one is uncomfortable after a while. I don't know whether it will cause sagging if I don't wear them enough, or it will cause cancer if I wear them too much. All I know is, not wearing one in public is never gonna happen for me, cos I'm a 36-J !! Formerly a 38-J before Primal weight loss

    I hate being a woman sometimes and hate having these tribal African style mammaries. I haven't breastfed a baby yet but it looks like I have!!

    But with a really nice bra on, they become eye-popping round globes and I feel fabulous!
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    The bra stays.

    Going without is just flat uncomfortable. Nipples get all irritated rubbing against my shirt. They get de-sensitized and who wants unresponsive nipples? LOL. Maybe it's just conditioning since I grew them, but my boobs like their bras. Getting properly fitted is half the battle. Years of wearing poorly fitting bras can ruin it for anyone. I've always been a D cup and never had a problem with underwires, strangely, it was the non-UW bras I could never stand. Ah well. To each, her own.
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