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Thread: milk versus cultured dairy

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Return of Dado View Post
    I think, you know, you should pick the cultured dairy because it will be better equiped to hold a conversation with you.
    I'm glad you're back, Dado. How did we manage without you?

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    Kefir is a trendy 2000s food.

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    Trendy in the same way that coconut water is trendy...Something traditional peoples have been eating for thousands of years but are just starting to show up in supermarkets.

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    Haven't had raw milk in 30 years! But I remember that it didn't bother me the way pasteurized/homogenized does. I eat cultured dairy~ TJ's Greek yogurt, some cottage cheese, and hard cheese. Just not too much

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    I love the raw milk. Have had reactions to regular run of the mill milk and cream in more recent past since cutting it out for a few months, even when pastured, ---but the raw milk seems to be fine. Love it. Am on a kick of drinking lots, plus throwing it into the ice cream maker. I assume that the cold probably affects some of the raw milk enzymes, but likely not like boiling it. Delicious. (But I have always loved al dairy products passionately) I find that while I am not gaining weight with the added carbs from milk and sugar, and possibly the pro growth stuff in it, I am getting a little pudgier around the middle. Nothing crazy, but noticeable. But feel like the dairy fat or something in it is really amping up my mood. Have gone from good mood to great on dairy. Most people do not have this, and I think I am addicted!!! I keep putting off the day that I cut out dairy again.
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    I <3 Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and raw milk. I'll take it over the regular stuff any day!
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SixteenDollars View Post
    One thing I notice when at the store, Whole Foods for example, is that all of the Kefir's state that they have probiotics, but are also pasteurized. Wouldn't pasteurzing kill those probiotic cultures?
    Yes, indeed it does. The Kefir you culture from grains at home has some 50 pro-biotic micro-organisms living in it. Further, Kefir adapts to your enviroment and needs, so not everyones' Kefir has the same mix of micro-organisms.

    Well, the government can't have unknown micro-organisms lurking about in a product. So, the Kefir (commercial anyways) is killed through heat pasturization and then some 6-10 strains of known organisms are re-introduced. Voila! You get (something) of the taste of Kefir and (something) of the health benefits.

    Bottom line---find your own grains and make the stuff at home!

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