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Thread: How can I make myself drink water?

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    8 glasses might often be overkill, but at least 2 or 3 is probably good.
    Requirements will vary massively depending on a lot of things, but personally I think some "added" water is helpful.

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    funny thing, I always drink a lot. When I teach, I need around 1 liter a day besides my usual drinks. I normally drink around 5/6 glasses of water a day, more if it is warm. I do feel thirsty. (I don't drink anything else beside water, not even coffee). My husband on the other hand drinks two glasses maybe, no more than that. My son is the same (but he has only one kidney which may be why and he does take a full baby bottle of chocolate drink at breakfast).

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    I don't understand this either. Drinking water is a basic need. Have we come so far from what is supposed to be that so many people can't even imagine drinking water?? This is ridiculous to me. I have been drinking well over a gallon a day for over 20 years and I don't know anyone who is as healthy as I am. I really don't. I think it has a HUGE impact on one's health. Getting your water from other drinks isn't the same either. Its just not. Why does EVERYTHING have to be flavored or sweetened? Its because we've been force fed that crap all or most of our lives. I ditched all of that a long time ago and I can't begin to tell you how a good a decision that was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nossar View Post
    I only drink water therefore I do not understand this post at all, can someone explain what people drink if they do not drink water, please?
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    Doesn't your urine usually tell you if you need water/hydration?

    I know mine does in the morning.
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    I feel better when I drink plenty of water. If you want to up your consumption, here are two techniques that work well for me.

    Keep a glass in your bathroom, and every time you pee, drink a glass of water.

    Keep a pitcher of 'electrolyte' water (8C water + 1t salt + juice of 1 lemon + a little sweetener- optional- I use 1/2 pkt of stevia) where ever you are during most of the day (kitchen counter for me). Drink a cup of this, then fill your glass immediately with regular tap water. After you drink that, fill your glass immediately with electrolyte water. Switching off between two 'types' of water makes it more enjoyable for me. Filling your glass immediately with the next type of water, gives me a good 'prompt' to sip.

    Just like with everything else, I would try it for a period of time(couple of weeks), and see if it works for you. I feel best when I drink 10-12 glasses per day. Everyone is different: experiment.

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    I used to get heartburn if I drank a lot (for me) of water. Lemon juice - like a teaspoon - worked.

    Then I got one of those filter pitcher things, Britta, and now I don't need the lemon, and I drink a more normal amount of water than before. I'm not a big soda or fruit juice drinker, anyway, but I did used to drink a lot of crystal lite type products. I now really enjoy just plain water.

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    I use my pee color as a guide. Clear? Oops, too much. Dark orange? Oops, not enough.

    Water tastes like candy when you're thirsty.
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    It really is great stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamakin View Post
    I'm not interested in drinking water until I get really thirsty. How does one get in the habit of drinking water? I think I'm dehydrated...low energy, maybe carb flu, after 18 days of less than 50 grams/day.

    Just drink it....

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