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Thread: mycatsnameisbug daily journal

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    Paleobird- I read your response-- today is kinda hectic- im thinking about what you said and I will write back... but thats probably not going to happen today lol its been a DAY.

    B: three eggs scrambled, spinach
    L: leftover pulled chicken a clusterf*ck of veggies kinda just thrown on a plate, piece of raw milk cheese, apple
    D: Omelet with mushrooms, onions, peppers, arugula, ham and roasted asparagus, some raspberries

    B: 3 sausage links and 3 eggs
    L: Big ass salad with can of wild polecaught tuna
    D: ?? So tired I might just IT, and crawl into bed. The day beat me up lol and Im glad its over.

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    Been a while since I last posted cause its been non stop since last week. But I have remained completely primal going on a week now. Cut back on evening/afternoon snacking. Ate half a chicken last week (and it was goooood). If there is one thing I can brag about in my life it is that I can make a HELLA good roasted chicken. Actually have been having some interesting culinary journeys... yesterday, while cooking an omelet with pickled chili peppers I may have accidentally maced myself in the face. Note to self: If you are cooking hot peppers, the oils and hotness gets into the air. Especially when you're breathing near the pan....

    Food yesterday
    4 egg omelet with sausage patties, a bunch of veggies. a little cheese. LOTS of hotsauce (what up sriacha?!?! I love you. No for reals)
    Salad with evoo, ham, hb egg. Water and a banana
    Crackhead omelet-- threw a bunch of crap in a pan and hoped for the best- scallions, shredded potato, pickled jalepenos (like 7? uhhh ya thats where the crack head part comes in-- wtf was I thinking???) cream cheese, and eggs. It was delicious, but i did have to throw some sour cream on it so my face didnt melt off.

    Food for today:
    Bfast: All natural sausage patties, coffee with cream
    Lunch: leftover roast Chicken (a bit of breast and thigh) and an apple and a peach (cardio workout today, if I dont have enough carbs i feel like *ish*)
    Dinner: Meatza with tomatoes, zucchini, a very small sprinkling of mozz cheese, peppers, onions. Didnt know that meatza "crust" shrinks so much so put the rest of the veggies leftover (which were a lot) in a pan with some grassfed butter and garlic. It was bangarang.
    Workout was a circuit with my trainer.

    Life is good. Since my first post i've lost 8-10 pounds depending on the day. Cant be mad at that.

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    Hi! just read through your journal. Great work! Love the pic and story about Stew!

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