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    If honey floats your boat, then continue using it. Mark Sisson even uses plain old table sugar with his coffee, for crying out loud. We can debate the benefits of this yummy food until the cows come home, but it doesn't matter. At the end of the day you have to experiment on how your intake of honey effects your goals (weight loss, weight gain, maintenance).

    And if you're only having once or twice a month as you say, then who the hell cares if you use it. People eat pizza once per month and do far more damage than a couple teaspoons or tablespoons of honey. I say go for it, and let your goals be your guide.

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    The "Does it fit your goals?" saying is a little vague. My goal is to be healthy when I'm 70. How do I know now I'm 15 honey won't prevent or help with that?
    well then

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    I use honey in a protein shake that I make for sipping on during strength workouts, twice a week.
    Other than that, I don't use it at all.

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    what about sorghum? There is a local person where I live that grows a small batch of sugar cane to make it. Nothing added.. it looks like molasses

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