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Thread: low-fiber veggies?

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    Wow you are a tiny thing ;-) and nursing -wow!
    I'm 5'2 and I do Not weigh myself but if my pants won't button then I step up my fitness. I was told by my Obgyn for my hight in order to have kids I needed to be 118 but I was 110 then. I'm probably still that weight range, size 4. I do workout but not heavy lifter nor too intense on cardio.
    I actually used chronometer tonight to make sure I'm getting all my vit and minerals - vegan day today. I hit everything but selenium was 24% daily allowance (I could have Brazil nuts and solve that quick ).
    I had almost 2,500 cal. I look at that I think wow that's a lot of cals for all plant foods along with not feeling ugh. I usually have that much too, and higher cal foods yet my weight is stable and activity levels are fine. Dont be afraid of having more cals, esp if you are breast feeding.
    I tried low carb primal with my husband and when the muscle cramps got too intense and hunger too much along with not sleeping thru the night I lowered my animal foods and started eating fruit again never looked back.
    I find more and more mono meals (one food at a time, like a meal of oranges I had today) are so satisfying and give me so much wonderful energy and happy feeling I don't care for recipes Like i made tonight (sweet peeper soup - 1 bag of mini sweet peppers blended with sesame seeds and chopped sweet grape tomatoes to make it chunky).
    I use to follow 80/10/10 but personally something's work better for me like having some egg yolks or fish now and then rather than trying to fit some diets mold. I tried hard core PB for several months and finally think I am finding a good balance of the food groups and I know it can change some days to wanting more protein than my usual. I hope I'm not being confusing.
    Just go with the flow, if veggies are hard on you juice them :-)
    Also let me assure you - the days you don have animal products (if you choose) you can easily hit calorie needs and more nutrition than most people get as long as you stick to real foods :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by girlhk View Post
    Hi Cryptocode,

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    What led me to examine my diet was a diagnosis of PCOS and infertility at 25. In hindsight I'd always had digestion issues, especially gas, bloat, abdominal pain, but not bad enough to see a doctor.

    Fiber Menace was quite an eye-opener for me, having believed for most of my life that fiber was necessary for good health. I'm prone to constipation, and this led to hemorrhoids after having a baby. So now I am forced to find a solution.

    So far, magnesium is helping. 1000-1500mg daily keeps me from having to strain. But I still get constipated.

    Now I plan to replace the fibrous veggies with other foods. But I am not sure what those foods should be.

    I hardly eat fruits because I don't enjoy them. Where I live now, almost all fruits are imported, and I find they taste rather bland.
    I usually eat fish for lunch, meat for dinner. Greens for lunch, roots for dinner, all cooked. Sometimes lunch is sauerkraut or Kimchi instead of greens. I wouldn't worry about the fiber in these veggies, it's nothing like the amount of fiber in the grains I used to eat and it has a much higher proportion of soluble fibers.

    The reason it takes so long, I think, is that you have to work it from both ends, so to speak. A little from the input part, a little from the output part. The only other way is to go on a clear liquid diet until there's nothing left in you and your intestines get used to that. That method didn't sound good to me but it might be much quicker. You'd have to be a lot more careful about getting enough vitamins, etc. If you'renot going to do that, I wouldn't cut out the veggies. Your body has enough to get used to and change, and real food is better than powders and shakes, I think. One thing the author recommends is cucumber juice. I have a juicer - the power kind you can hold 1/2 an orange on. How would you juice a cucumber on that?

    You really need 65-70% fats. I don't eat a lot of fruits usually. But sometimes I get a bug for one and eat a lot of it. Right now pinapple is great. But you can do without them.

    Before I started PB I followed all the medical advice - lots and lots of fiber, etc., and kept getting sicker and sicker.

    The potassium is the element whose job it is to collect water and combine it into the stool to make it soft. If you don't have enough potassium it won't happen. If you have too much you pee every hour all night long.
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    Cryptocode - thank you for sharing. It reminded me of a very important truth - everyone of us is different in little thing here or there that leads different results using the same program.
    For intestinal trouble I went on a meal plan just like yours and it was a mess. Yet I KNOW it works great for some - my husband being one of them. We eat the same foods now but in different ratios and that's been the key ;-)

    Know what foods your body handles easily and adjust the ratios and food combinations that your system can assimilate wit ease

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