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Thread: Bob Harper hit it on the head!

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    They featured one of his workouts in Men's Fitness one month. There were a couple of decent exercises (power cleans), but the majority was kind of bullshit. I definitely think he motivates people to eat better foods and exercise more but his diet advice is a little misguided. I believe Bob is vegan and the thing about being vegan is, if you are strict and don't eat a lot of processed junk you're skinny and the world views that as healthy. IMO.

    Off topic (kind of), I was just at Starbucks picking up a coffee and there was this group of people deciding from the pastries which ones they would eat. One of guy points to a blueberry muffin exclaiming "..that has too much sugar and will give me a stomach ache". I felt like saying "everything in that case is fucked" And it's probably not the sugar that gives you a stomach ache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimhensen View Post
    This is what bob says for "whats in" when it comes to eating:

    "Lots of water at each meal; a real breakfast such as oatmeal, eggs or plain greek yogurt, doctored up with berries and nuts; apples and berries every day, along with other fibrous fruits such as asian peras, in certain quantities; protein at every meal and lots of fiber; and unlimited amounts of certain vegetables-though they must be prepared correctly (favorites are kale and broccoli).

    Whats out: added sweeteners to drinks and foods; refined flours and grains; white potatoes loaded with fats; white rice; fast foods; high salt foods; and fried foods.

    That sounds pretty good to me to be honest.
    Sounds good to me too. Minus the oatmeal pretty much everything on that list is primal friendly . . . and if most people did nothing more than avoid the foods on the "out" list we'd probably be happier and healthier. (Though, fried food isn't all bad - just that most fried food is batter dipped and fried in omega-6 heavy fats - leave out the batter and use a healthy stable fat, then it's probably okay)
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    Bob needs to make a trip to Sephora for some under eye cream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red_leaf View Post
    The only thing I've ever heard that sounded stupider was a coworker who is a smoker say, "I'm going to take a break outside and get some fresh air while I have a smoke."
    Hahaha! That actually made me laugh out loud with how pathetic it is.

    As for Bob, I am wondering how he sees a person making sure they get lots of fiber in their diet as well.
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    What I don't get is... Why hasn't the CrossFit Paleo craze rubbed off on him as he has positioned himself in alliance with CF...

    Very curious

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    According to wikipedia:

    After reading the book Skinny Bitch, Harper became a vegetarian. In 2010, he then became a vegan for a year.[10][11] That same year, PETA voted him sexiest male vegetarian of the year.[12]

    Harper stopped following a vegan diet in 2011 and now eats animal products again due to health reasons.

    Yet another reformed Vegan!

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