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Thread: Weekly farmer's market haul thread...

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    We got some lovely goat's milk yogurt and while we were chatting with the farmer, he gave us some herbed cheese, too, since he can't legally sell it. Awesome. Also got some lovely beets and some tender lettuce.
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    We get a CSA box each week - this is our first year. This week's box had:

    blueberries, cherries, and strawberries.
    Radishes, arugula, beets (tiny baby beets!!!) baby bock choi, and a large "head" of lovely leaf lettuce.

    We order our grass-fed beef and sugar-free bacon from US Wellness Meats, and pick up the rest of our meat from our local food co-op (grass-fed, pastured, etc.).
    We get most of our eggs from some friends with a dozen hens that run their backyard... they do eat some organic chicken feed, but mostly eat scraps, bugs, worms, and whatever they can scratch out of the yard. Lots of grasses, some berries bushes, and an apple tree (which they are making better by eating all the worms and bugs!). So, as you can imagine, the eggs are incredible, with the deepest orange yolks!

    We are planning on hitting a farmer's market today, mostly for the "ambiance"... and maybe a few goodies.

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    In the Hudson Valley, New York

    Expensive 'haul'

    I live in Northern Westchester. Times are hard at the moment in our home and I try to buy at farmer's market but can only buy a little due to Westchester prices. I've tried several markets and prices seem similar. Here's a pic of my 'haul'. $32 worth. I understand the farmers have to make a living so I don't blame them... it's very hard to live cheaply even in the northern most area of Westchester.

    1 bunch carrots, handful of green beans, 1 pepper, 5 mushrooms, 3 peaches, 3 miniature plums, 1 apple, 1 head broccoli, 3 small potatoes, 1 shallot, 2 tiny cippola (?) onions, 2 cups arugula, tiny cucumber. And 1 doz pastured chicken eggs.

    If anyone is sorta near my area of the Hudson Valley (Yorktown) and knows of better prices within an hours drive, please let me know. Am I wrong to be overwhelmed at the tiny amount of food for $32?

    farmers market 'haul'.jpg

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    I buy direct from farms as well as have a CSA membership.
    I don't have pics of this weeks farm share but here is a recent one csa.jpg I do a nice neighborly exchange of a few dollars for some nice organic raw milk milk.jpg My eggs are purchased from the little general store in town, they come from a local person and are nice yellow yolked eggs.

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    Today we found a new game stall. A whole venison heart for a quid, and a pack of liver for another two. And some grouse fillets. Guess it's coming into game season. Mm.

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    Man, I'd love a stand at my farmer's market to have game meat. We have amazing grass-fed lamb, beef, pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs if I want it, even raw grass-fed cheese and other dairy if I want it for animal protein options, but damned if I've ever seen anything more exotic than that. I'd love to grab hold of some venison, elk meat, try some rabbit, get some ostrich to make ostrich burgers with (had those on vacation once and... Hell yes. More please.). Ostrich egg omletes anyone? I'll try lots of exotic meats and eggs and dairys if I have the option, but it seems I never do. One frond told me he'd had elk milk once. I'm not sure if he's telling the truth, but hell, there are farms that raise them in Canada and Alaska so it seems plausible. I can just see it now. Raw elk's milk cheese. Yes please!

    Anyway, just to sum up... All of you with easy access to game meat? I'm f*cking jealous.

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    Just got back from the local FM.
    My regular butcher has a stall there so I can just send them an email if I want anything in perticular to pick up
    They even special mix/grind stuff for me!
    Todays haul.....
    3 Kg 80/20 coarse mince
    6 packs Gluten/grain free Beef & Bacon Sausages
    Dozen Chicken Wings
    kg Chicken Livers
    3kg Pork Sausage Meat (nothing added)
    kg of Minute steaks
    Brisket Roast
    6 Packs of Lorne sausage
    6 Packs smoked Streaky bacon
    2 Pack of Chicken Breast
    Pork leg steaks
    Ribeye steaks
    shoulder steaks
    Black pudding
    Scallops (BIG ONES )
    Gluten/wheat free butterys (Hubby said he Needed them LOL)
    Couple cheeses
    & 2lbs of fresh butter
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