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Thread: Paleobird's Next Big Adventure

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    I don't have anything to add, really, but I like Bruce Willis AND Jason Statham.

    And you can't deny the adorable (and totally old-man-hotness) of Sir Patrick Stewart.

    BTW, that picture was originally on his Twitter feed. Yes, there is fancy coffee foam on his nose.

    He's my dad's hair-idol. My dad started balding by 30, his dad started balding in his 20's. He's been rocking a 'stache since his college years (guess it's a heritage thing, his dad was from the Ukraine and big moustaches were a thing).
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    Mmmm...Patrick Stewart! Come closer, let me take care of that for you.

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    Yeah, Derp, I think the whole hair=sexy thing kind of falls apart when you get past your youth and get to the more mature versions of sexy (e.g. Patrick Stewart).

    Both the men and the women who appreciate them need to get past the whole desperately clinging to youth stage first.

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    Yes! Patrick Stewart... who just married a 20something, the old lech! Good for him.

    My brother had the thickest hair of his life at about 16 or 17... was receding noticably by the time he graduated high school.
    He never had "hair envy".
    But whatever.

    I just don't understand people pining all of their self esteem on an outward feature(s) like that.
    Does there need to be a "cure" for small boobs too?
    Do you have any idea the number of young ladies out there that are unhappy with their natural boob size, and plastic surgery is not really a good option since you many need many follow up surgeries/risks.
    So obviously we need to find a way to make it easy/safe/no side effects for women to have bigger boobs. Because then they can all have big boobs, because the perception is that bigger boobs are better/more liked.
    It's a self esteem issue, not a disease.
    I say the real problem should be dealt with.
    The one INSIDE the head.

    And the people are cruel therefore argument, really?
    People are cruel about all sorts of things... because some people are just that, cruel ass hats.
    People should stop basing so much of what they do in regards to their appearance on what other people think, people that don't even have any actual MEANING in their lives.

    The truth is... there will always be something about you that someone else doesn't like.
    “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
    ~Friedrich Nietzsche
    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.

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    So do you think the same about female baldness? Im sure there are a few people who like that look but 99.9% of women losing their hair would freak out.

    What say you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach View Post
    So do you think the same about female baldness? Im sure there are a few people who like that look but 99.9% of women losing their hair would freak out.

    What say you?
    I will say that lots of people are already getting over it - both those who have hair loss and those who have to look at them. Some chemo gals are already showing the courage to go wig- and scarf less at times, not to mention some with total alopecia. If I went bald tomorrow, it would take a bit for me to get used to it, very true - but I have been through one major hair transition already, along with the people who are forced to take in my appearance, and if we all here can get over it rather quickly, methinks the rest of society will follow, given a few more hardy women who refuse to let something out of their control define them or their femininity.

    Extend an organic facial to cover the whole head, so I would have healthy skin all over, add a temporary tattoo or a funky wreath-thingy, and I would so totally be ready to go.
    I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC

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    Funny you mention Patrick Stewart, because he had the worst problem letting go of his hair. Even used wigs, and combovers. It's his charming personality that gives him his real appeal.

    Patrick Stewart interview - Parkinson - BBC - YouTube

    The root of the problem is the same, the hair loss is what causes all those issues. We, as human beings, are meant to have hair. It's unnatural not to, ergo this is a genetic mutation and a disease that should not be. It hasn't even been in the genepool that long.

    Genetically, it's the bodies inability to handle various hormones and do the right things with them. There are lots of theories about hairloss and its vast causes(prolactin, estrogen, dht, stress, hypothyroidism, calcification and low blood circulation) all of these seem to be connected, but only one is really proven and that's androgen strangulation on hair follicles.

    I wish people could argue without resorting to fallacies and overly opinionated paragraphs. There is nothing remotely the same about hair loss and shapes and sizes of people. All things come in various shapes and sizes, there is nothing abnormal about that. There is something abnormal about an abnormality in the body that doesn't allow you to function properly.

    If a dog was hairless it would be alarming and deemed hideous. Men being hairless is seen as OK, or even attractive, is just the result of a long time of social conditioning and being used to it. Neither one is normal.

    And now having hair or liking it is considered desperately clinging on to youth or immature? Wtf. What I really want to say is rude, so I thought twice about it, but just wtf.

    This is the very image of maturity and class:
    Make America Great Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach View Post
    So do you think the same about female baldness? Im sure there are a few people who like that look but 99.9% of women losing their hair would freak out.

    What say you?
    okay Gwamma is just gonna pop in here...................My Grandmother had a huge bald area down the back of her head. I am talking HUGE................Why I do not know. She had really long hair each side and would wrap the hair around the back of the head to hide it. I really don't know much about Grandmother except that she would bath with us and had these really pendulous breasts - eeeewwww yuck said me and my 6 siblings !!!!!!!!!!!
    so is there hope for Gwamma or should I shave it all off now !!!!!!!!!
    "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

    ...small steps....

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    OMG Gwamma...You kill me.

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    G, you're such a cutey pie. Bald or hairy, you're my gal.

    I have issues with hair. I don't know why. When I was young, I saw a movie called "Caged." It was a prison movie and the woman had her head forcefully shaved. I almost vomited. Really. The good news is that I still have a lot of hair per square inch even though I'm closer to 60 than any other zero birthday (thank you Grandma genes), and only my temples are grey. I also wear it as long as it will grow. Almost always have.

    Men, whatever. Fifteen minutes after I meet one, I forget what he looks like, and his "rap" is all I know. Funny and/or smart beat out whatever deficits in looks every time. I had a lover once that was so homely that my mother called us Beauty and the Beast. But man, could he talk. Not that bald is a deficit, but if it were, I wouldn't know it once the man started talking.
    "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


    Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.

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