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Thread: Paleobird's Next Big Adventure

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    My thanks to all of you that have been so supportive. It means a lot to me.

    My Dad passed away last night about 7pm. It was peaceful and calm. He just stopped breathing and his heart stopped. I was holding his hand. He just decided it was time and shut things down.

    In death as in life he was gracious, dignified, sweet, gentle, and efficient. He would not have wanted to linger on in a helpless condition any longer than necessary. He lived well and he died well.

    I feel fortunate to have had the best father in the world.

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    I'm crying for you both right now, in sadness for you that he has gone, and in gratitude for the grace and dignity you both brought to the process. Hugs and love.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. I have read your posts about you and your dad with much fondness - such a great relationship. I am sad to hear he has passed on but glad you were together until the end.

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    Also sorry for your loss, but so glad that you have a lifetime of wonderful memories of him. Cherish them.

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    Thinking of you. I'm glad you were with him at the end and that it was a peaceful, calm passing.
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    The holidays will be hard. I know I'm more than a bit worried about my mom this Christmas, since my grandfather died on Christmas Day last year.
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    Hi Paleobird, I've been following along quietly, these past couple of months and I wanted to express my condolences as well. Your situation with your Dad was so like mine was with my Mom at the end. I am heartily sorry for your loss.

    Your journal speaks so eloquently of the love you felt for him, and the grace with which you all eased his passing.

    What a beautiful way to transition into whatever is next!
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    Sending love and thoughts. I'm so glad for you both that it was a dignified and peaceful parting.
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    I'm so glad all was peaceful and that you got to take care of him until the end - the ways you have always talked about. We should all be so lucky to have great kids like you! Take some time and take care of yourself now.

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    My sincerest condolences. The passing of our parents is a painful stage in the journey of life but the beutiful memories of the years gone by will stay with you forever.
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