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Thread: Paleobird's Next Big Adventure

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    Quote Originally Posted by lissee View Post
    Good luck settling the sister in! I'm wondering if she staying at your place or your dads? Maybe at a hotel, that would be least stressful...
    There is a third building in between Dad's and mine that used to be my sister's and my rooms when we were kids. The three buildings kind of go in a line up the hill. The middle one is used as guest rooms now. We fixed one bedroom into a sitting room with a little kitchenette complete with a mini fridge so my sister can get stuff she likes to eat at the market and still keep it away from Dad. I don't want him getting tempted back over to the SAD side.

    Today I made pemmican and it turned out really well. For anyone interested in giving it a go I recommend this site:

    I made it with rendered bone marrow fat and dried venison. The crunchy bits left over after rendering bone marrow were soooo good.

    So the nutritional analysis of Pemmican is in from Sparkpeople. I divided the batch into 16 ice cube tray little blocks. Figuring from 300 grams of rendered fat and an equal amount by weight of pulverized venison for the batch and dividing by 16 we get:

    per cube: 243 calories
    0g carb
    18g fat
    19g protein

    I added garlic salt and turmeric to it for kick and it came out really yummy. The post Mark did on pemmican made it sound like food you could survive on if you had to but not really something tasty. Well, mine is tasty, because that's just how we roll here in the Birdnest.
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    *hugs* I haven't got anything else, but figured they would not go amiss.
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    Thanks for the pemmican link, Paleobird. That's another thing I have been wanting to try. My primal list of things-to-try is getting as long as my stack of books-to-read is high!

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    ive always wanted to try pemmican, does it have a good flavor?
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    we've been looking into pemmican for emergency/earth quake rations. this is probably the best article/description that i've read. between pemmican and water, we'd be alright. for several days/weeks at least. it's definitely a good option. and, we can definitely get grass fed here.

    can I just say that I love our schedule change? not having all of the evening classes on my plate is awesome. The average evening class is 5-8 students (monday night is lagging at 1-3), and the other teachers have made the transition easily. I'm going to rotate which one I teach (one each week) so I'm only there one evening a week, which is great!

    next week is school holidays, and we actually created a *plan*for it! amazing! LOL it usually just surprises us! So, we're going to be at the office less, btu enough for both of us to get our work done (and for me to teach classes). we also have planned out several local hikes we're going to do with DS, when DH will go to the gym, etc!

    we then start a *new* schedule with the new school term for DS, because he moves to 3 days of kindy! so he'll have one day of care and 3 days of kindy, which makes us a little more efficient in our office time overall. we are basically moving to mornings and then i'll be doing one evening a week! yay!

    of course, i added saturday mornings for myself, but I think that will go ok. the plan is to transition that into a rotation as well, and then move myself into workshops.

    i just started marketing my first workshop at the studio, and with just one week of marketing, we are already half-full! It's still a month away, so that's great. In addition, one of the students is a member of a runner's club, and they are doing a race the day of the workshop, so I suggested that we run a second session for her club. it's not confirmed yet, but that would be a second workshop for at least 9 people (max of 15) which is great!

    Business is ticking along nicely, to say the least, but it's so nice to have most evenings home.

    Also, next year, i'm starting a combined parkour/yoga class that will train folks for the tough mudder. We'll do a two-hour training 1x per week which will be parkour (in urban and bush environments), and then finish with an hour of yoga. Every 3rd month, we'll do a retreat for an overnight -- doing yoga and parkour. should be pretty awesome. pricing it is interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julianne482 View Post
    10 pounds isn't too bad for a 6-week cruise. I've got friends who gained 20 each on a 2-week cruise. I hear those 24-hour ice cream bars and pizza bars are a killer!

    I actually lost 4 pounds on a cruise this summer.... 8 days..... I intentionally walked just about everywhere, including the stairs. And I really didn't overeat much.... I didn't want to walk around with a full belly.
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    Primal Papa, you're talking to a spammer.
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    yeah, a bot, likely.

    but, i like those pictures. i used to live in philly (area).

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    Sometimes spambots start the best conversations! (GayPanda, I'm looking at you!)

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    It sounds nice that your sister has someplace to stay.

    Your pemmican recipe sounds really good. I'll have to figure out if there's a place where I can source organic bone marrow... I find other organic things over here, but haven't found marrow yet.

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