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Thread: Fibromyalgia and Fat - Tomi's story

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    Yep... what she said.

    Glad you were able to have the talk with Hubby and I'm glad he understood.
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    I just came off a 20 hour fast. Ate dinner at 8 pm last night (normal for summer dinners with hubby's late nights at the boatshop), dinner was only a chopped salad and some chicken, a little too heavy on the dressing though. This morning I was out the door by 8:15 am to take MIL to the doctor. She's a 25 minute drive away. I was thinking it would be a fairly short excursion. However - the doctors visit took 45 minutes after exam, counsel, flu and pneumonia shots, and a blood draw. Then she wanted a breakfast sandwich from micky-D's (yuck, by you know what - she's turning 89 in a couple weeks - at this point she can eat whatever she wants if it makes her happy ) - then when I got her home I found out she was out of a very important eye drop so I had to call the pharmacy and go get that for her. Then, there was a stop at BIL's shop, and another at my mom's to drop off her laundry that I did yesterday. UGH........... then I stopped at a fabric store after fighting through construction traffic and I spent WAY too long there! (but I did find fabric for the valance re-do in the 5th wheel) - and I didn't get home until 2:30........... then I de-spiderized the yard so I could mow without being eaten by a thousand nasty spiders.......... UGH! then I finally cooked up 3 eggs! I was starting to feel a bit fuzzed brained from going so long without food. Actually without water also cuz I forgot to grab a bottle before I left this morning. So now its nearly 5 pm --- and I'm exhausted! I'm going to suggest hubby pick up something on his way home and I'm having left over salad with salmon - unless he wants that too - but I doubt it since we just had salad and chicken last night. He gets bored with too much salad. but I'll send him a text and see what he wants. Hopefully he won't say salad - cuz then I will have to run to the store for more salad fixin's.

    MIL is getting so forgetful! She can remember the year, the president, her birthday, stuff like that. But she can't remember that last night she was told numerous times by several people that she was going to her PCP today. She thought I was taking her to the eye doctor. Thats NEXT month. Today was a BP check, but she was totally taken by surprise when we pulled up at her doctors office. I wondered why she had all her eye drops in a little bag with her. ?? She kept asking me if I knew about the change - yes, I made the appts. No change - just an unexpected doctor visit to get BP meds re-upped at the pharmacy. She's such a sweet lady........ so gracious and kind. It breaks my heart to see her failing. In all honesty none of the family expected her to live long after Dad passed away. But he's been gone for nearly 7 years now. They were married for 65 years! Served as missionairies to India for 37 years! They are the most wonderful I've even known in my life. I love MIL WAY more than I love my own mother --- if can find a way to "measure" love that is. She is nearly blind now. Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and now muscle atrophy behind her eyes. She doesn't understand why she can't see and keeps wanting to go to the eye doctor for them to fix it. There's nothing they can do. I'm going to talk to the family and see if I can get the ok to have the eye doctor fully explain to her what is wrong with her eyes so she knows there is nothing they can do at this point. I can't make that decision, it needs to be made by her 4 sons.

    You can see that my heart is heavy for her today. I love her so and hate to see her in this stage of life. I feel honored to be able to serve her by taking her to her doctors appt and doing little for her. She always thanks me and say she's sorry that I have to do things --- I tell her I do them because I love her and she is never to be sorry! I feel that God has blessed me with a "mother" in my MIL --- since my own mother never was much more than a figure to fear and provide a meager home for me. MIL is my "mom". I hope she knows how much I love her.
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    Yes, I am going to emphasize to hubby that certain things need to remain on the extremely rare list! Sugar definitely - and rum definitely! I have told him that having them is not good for my health or my weight loss efforts - but I haven't told him how difficult it is for me to NOT indulge with him. So I will have to make that known. I think I haven't emphasized that because admitting makes me feel "weak" --- and I don't like to think I'm weak ----- truth be told -- when it comes to cookies, m&m's or lorna dunes -- or rum........... I'm very weak! (oh, that makes me cringe!)

    This weekend's plans have changed a bit........ we were going to spend another weekend on the boat with another couple, but the other couple isn't able to go with us. That means, no help getting the boat out of the water. I can pull a trailer - and I can back it down a boat ramp if I have LOTS of room and don't feel rushed by other people waiting to get their own boats out of the water - but this boat and trailer are 6 feet longer and WAY bigger! Hubby says he totally trusts me to either back the trailer down the ramp - or drive the boat onto the trailer........... I said - "thanks for the confidence in me, but I'm not comfortable doing either one!" Lets call BIL and ask for his help............ SOOOO all that to say --- hubby, son, BIL and me are doing a day trip to Olympia to load up the boat and bring her home for the winter (*tears*) .......... which also means no junk food or rum to have to deal with over the weekend. yeah!

    I'm on day 3 of my starting fresh on the 21 day challenge - which sorta just translates into strict paleo since I'm not planning on stopping, even if I mess up - I plan to get back on the horse and keep going. This way of eating seems to work for me to up my energy - decrease my pain - and cause the number on the scale to drop! WIN - WIN - WIN!!!

    I haven't walked or biked today - but I did mow the grass (activity AND sun) and spent 2 hours walking round and round the fabric store - so I'm counting that as my hour of activity. yesterday I went on a 30 minute bike ride - covered about 3 miles, maybe 4. felt good. I'm on a roll.......... now just have to keep it rolling!

    Hubby says YES to the salmon and steamed veggies - so no trip to the grocery story today. But, will have to go soon cuz the veggie drawer is nearly empty. Wish I had a good farmers market to go to the pick up local fresh veggies......... Marcadav --- if you're reading - do you know of any? Saturdays farmers market - but I rarely am able to get down there and Wednesday Farmers Market I'm working.......... do you know of any in the Keizer area????

    The moon is huge and beautiful tonight! should see if hubby wants to walk with me...........

    My son is turning into a true primal dude. He's always asking me about stuff - and learning to cook his own food! He's trying really hard to add more fruit and veggies to his diet too. Gotta love that! He makes his own dinner and usually makes a chicken thing - cuts up chicken breast and fries them with NO added fat (not good), seasoned with cayenne, cinnamon, garlic and salt -- then puts over a bed of chopped spinach, onions and carrots. He came up with his on own. Good thing we have a WELL stocked spice cabinet!

    Now --- to just get him to move out and cook in his own kitchen. ....................

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi View Post
    Marcadav --- if you're reading - do you know of any? Saturdays farmers market - but I rarely am able to get down there and Wednesday Farmers Market I'm working.......... do you know of any in the Keizer area????
    When I first moved here there was one at Keizer Station but it didn't do very well so they stopped having it. I did read, somewhere, that they were going to start up again but haven't checked to see if they did.

    I did find this:

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    Well, you have been busy, haven't you? Yes, I think all that activity counts as Moving Slowly, for sure. You were on your feet and moving, quite a lot too. That's the beauty of it; we can just incorporate it into our lives quite often. In my case, it's chasing toddlers or walking to do my errands. The chasing toddlers involves a fair bit of Play and also Lifting Heavy Weights, so I kill lots of birds with one stone, LOL! No way I try to do exercise on top of that!

    Sounds like your MIL really is very sweet. You are lucky to have her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by runnerbean View Post
    Hi Toni!
    Great journal. I am in awe of your progress on so many fronts.
    Just wanted to chime in on salad dressings. Simple can be so good. A little oil, a splash of vinegar, a pinch of salt and just beat it all together with a fork. Herbs or mustard powder make nice additions. If you don't like olive oil for flavor, maybe see if you can find avocado, hazelnut or walnut oil. They are a bit pricy but still way cheaper than commercial dressings. Lots of flavor so you really don't need much. I made salad for three last night and drizzled maybe a tablespoon of oil over it with a little salt. I had lots of tomatoes so didn't even need to mix in vinegar. Walnut oil with sherry vinegar is a classic for lettuce. A citrus vinegar with olive oil is awesome on spinach.
    Another option for chunkier veggies is a mayonnaise type dressing. Beat a few yolks in a bowl with a little salt and mustard powder or spices as desired (tarragon is my favorite). Beat constantly while slowly adding olive oil until you achieve the desired consistency. If you add oil too fast, it can curdle but you can easily fix by beating in another egg yolk. Really nice with fish too
    Have fun experimenting!

    How very very yummy! Thanks for the post.
    You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

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    Saturday was a great day! A lot of driving, but we had fun. 360 miles total..... 2 meals out and I still made my calories and macros goals. No junk food in the car! It was good.

    Church this morning and then a little grocery shopping. We're cleaning the garage and rearranging - making room for 5 tons of wood pellets to get us through the winter! Need to wash the salt water off the boat and get her ready for one more little excursion that we planned yesterday. Our anniversary is the 13th of October, so we're putting the boat into the Willamette River near Portland, then motor up to the waterfront and eat at the restaraunt that floats on the water! We're taking 2 other couples with us. should be lots of fun. So, the boat isn't getting put to bed yet! yeah!

    Had a big breakfast - might not need to eat again today. 3 very large free range eggs - 3 strips of bacon - and about a cup of hashbrowns - and a small bottle of Simply Orange. I'm stuffed. We're supposed to be going to for a bike ride....... but the Seahawks are on tv -- so not sure I'm going to get hubby to leave the house. OH wait --- I just heard 2 minute warning! I'll go get bubbles ready!

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    Well, the bike ride never happened We washed the salt water off the boat, then started in on the garage. UGH! That took us many hours and we were both tired and aching by the time we were done. But the garage is clean and we put a pile of stuff by the curb for "free"! I see there is still a box out there - whats left at the end of the day will go to the trash. It always feels good to clean up and weed out what has sat for years without being touched. NEXT big project is the shop! UGH...... now thats going to be quite the project!

    I stepped on the scale this morning and was very pleased to see 184. So even though I only did 10 straight days of the 21 day challenge I still lost 4 pounds. My goal for the 21 days was 6 pounds. I guess my strategy and goals for calories, macros and movement are working. I am going to continue with the same goals now that I think I have found the formula that works for me. 1200-1400 calories, high fat, moderate protein and VLC with 4-5 hours of slow steady movement per week. No alcohol, no sugar and no grains/legumes. I've reset all my charts to restart the process as of Sept. 26, and I plan to stay on track for the duration. I'm giving myself "cheats" as Judg has suggested --- every 2 weeks. I know I won't make it 100% in every single catagory --- but I'll do my best to reach for that.

    Food yesterday: BIG breakfast - 3 eggs, 3 bacon and hashed browns. A bottle of pure OJ, no added sugar, made from fresh juice, no concentrate. A snack of almond butter. Two ounces of chicken breast from the curry pot. Total calories 1226. I was a little higher than I'd like to be on the carbs, and a little too low on the fat. That was due to the hashed browns I'm sure.

    Monday again. Hubby is back to Bible study now so mondays are long days for me! He gets home about 9 pm. But he so enjoys this bible study group so I love that he goes. I wish I had the same kind of group with women.

    I'll start on the recovering valances project today. I need to get more staples so I don't know how far I'll get though. I need to stop at Home Depot on my way home from work and pick up more.

    Boring.......... sorry. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are doing well!

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    Congrats on your 4 lbs! That's pretty good for only 10/21 days! What kind of cheats do you think you'll allow?
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